Four questions answered about bamboo salt (jugyeom in Korean)

Bamboo salt helps remove waste and toxins from our bodies through its strong reduction power and as an activator for many enzymatic processes in our bodies. Oxidants of stress, dirty air, radiation, junk food and all kinds of body processes have little chance with bamboo salt.

9 times roasted extra coarse bamboo salt. .

9 times roasted extra coarse bamboo salt. .

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What are the black dots in 9 x roasted bamboo salt?

These are pieces of activated carbon from the bamboo. The more bamboo salt is roasted the more pieces of carbon will mix with the handmade sea salt. Carbon helps remove waste from the body. Thanksto those black dots, Your health will benefit.

Is bamboo salt a source of sulfur? Sulfur stimulates glutathione.

Yes. Mainly 9 x roasted bamboo salt contains a lot of sulfur. Fantastic. When the body absorbs sulfur, glutathione is activated.

Structural formula of glutathione as a strong antioxidant in our bodies. …

Structural formula of glutathione.

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What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is one of the strongest antioxidants in our body. Glutathione is strong in removing heavy metals from the body. Heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Glutathioneis a sulfur-rich protein consisting of the 3 amino acids glutamine, cysteine and glycine. Glutathione is known to help protect body tissue against attacks by means of radiation, chemotherapy and alcohol. Glutathione protects the liver by removing heavy metals and medicines fast. If glutathione is not active, inflammations such as asthma, rheumatic arthritis, etc. arise The older we get, the less glutathione can do its job. Bamboo salt helps to keep glutatihon active and thus helps prevent aging.

9-times roasted coarse bamboo salt. Recipe for simple, natural and effective saline solution for stuffy nose.

9-times roasted coarse bamboo salt.

Why is 9 x roasted bamboo salt so purple/violet?

This is due to the fire, the active carbon and the sulfur. Due to the high temperatures of the almost magical processing process, the sulfur is present in bamboo salt violet/purple. The more the carbon from the burnt bamboo comes in contact with the salt, the darker the hue of purple/violet will be. Both dark and light purple are excellent quality for 9 x roasted bamboo salt. Read here what types of bamboo salt there are.

Jugyeom is the Korean name for bamboo salt. What is meant by this is bamboo salt that has been roasted 1 to 9 times in a pine fire. The bamboo juices, minerals and trace elements partly mix with the handmade sea salt from the Yellow Sea on the coast of South Korea. For the Koreans a medicine. Jugyeom supplies your body and mind with active ions for radiant energy. Read here how much jugyeom you can use for the best results.