With bamboo salt we return to Oriental wisdom. According to Oriental philosophy, everything in the world is formed from the five elements. These five elements are metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

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Nothing reflects the power of fire as well as 9 x roasted bamboo salt. Bamboo salt originated from the five elements. Metal due to its wealth of minerals and trace elements, wood through the bamboo, water from the Yellow Sea, fire due to having been burnt 1 to 9 times at very high temperatures and earth due to the red Korean mountain clay used to seal the bamboo tube. Read also: What is bamboo salt?

Five elements of Chinese wisdomBamboo salt as the symbol of fire in the five elements

Burning indicates the emergence of new life.
Fleur de sel picks up more energy and other positive properties from being burnt 1 to 9 times in bamboo. Bamboo salt therefore acquires its most important properties through burning.

Burning or roasting is the best way to purify something.

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In the Far East, fire equals energy. Fire can destroy a lot, but fire can also change, remove and release energy. Fire changes the properties of salt.

Fire also is a scientific method to improve the quality of substances such as salt. Heating to high temperatures changes the properties of substances. Burning in fire at high temperatures, the way bamboo salt is made, also removes heavy metals and other substances that evaporate due to the heat.

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, salt must be heated

In the Compendium of Materia Medica, the great Chinese medical scientist Li Shi Zhen writes that salt should be roasted for use.

Why salt should be roasted
Roasting salt removes the contaminations and activates the energy that contains the salt. Salt becomes medicinal salt when it is roasted 1 to 9 times.