What are the 6 important functions of salt for our bodies?

Bamboo filled with sea salt ready for the first roasting.

Bamboo filled with sea salt.

  1. Bamboo salt helps in the digestion of our food.
    Salt is sodium + chloride. Chloride is a building material of stomach acid (hydrochloride), with a pH of 1 to 3 and is needed to break up food into very small particles needed for a smooth digestion.
  2. Bamboo salt prevents unwanted bacteria and viruses from multiplying and thereby helps prevent diseases.
    Bamboo salt sterilizes like no other salt. Sprinkling bamboo salt on salads, vegetables, etc. helps prevent the growth of viruses and bacteria.
  3. Bamboo salt helps with all kinds of body functions. Boosts vitality.
    Bamboo salt helps remove waste from the cells and promotes the metabolism to bring fresh nutrients to the cells and plays a major role in repairing cells.
  4. Bamboo salt contains a good source of trace elements and minerals.
    Every bit helps. You need trace elements in very small quantities and bamboo salt helps to achieve this.
  5. Bamboo salt helps to maintain a healthy 0.9% saline solution in the bodily fluids.
    Humans consist of approximately 60 to 70% body fluid (water). The most important positive ions in the extra-cellular moisture (moisture outside the cells) are sodium ions and chloride ions, both present in bamboo salt. Together with potassium and phosphorus of the intracellular fluid (in the cells), they interacti well where impulses from the nerves and nutrients and waste products are streamlined.
  6. Bamboo salt helps to detoxify.
    The trace elements of bamboo salt make it possible to get detoxification enzymes to work. Table salt cannot do this due to a lack of trace elements.

“After many years of salt being denigrated as bad by doctors and media, it is high time to value and acknowledge salt as a dietary supplement,”
Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D., Iranian writer, says in his bestseller, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” Water as a medicine and for the treatment of most pains.

bamboo salt roasted several times as a dietary supplement

Bamboo salt roasted several times.

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Bamboo salt is not just sodium chloride.

Bamboo salt contains much more magnesium and potassium than celtic sea salt. Sodium chloride is table salt. A refined product from the sea or from salt mines. Bamboo salt is different. Bamboo salt comes from sea salt crystallized and revitalized in salt pans by the sun. Sea salt from the yellow sea west of Korea. It contains 2.5 times more magnesium (1), 3.6 times more potassium (1) and 1.5 times more calcium (1) than Celtic sea salt (Guerande salt).

Salt is important to transport oxygen to our cells. Without salt (sodium), nerve impulses cannot be transmitted and we cannot use our muscles, including the heart muscle. Without salt (chloride part) we cannot produce gastric juices, which makes it difficult for us to digest fats. Salt is needed for proper digestion and metabolic functions in our body.

Different types of bamboo salt for the 6 most important functions of salt for your body.

Various types of bamboo salt.

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