Dr. Kondo

Dr. Kondo

Bamboo salt and science

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Kondo, a Japanese doctor, was in the news recently with his scientifically substantiated statement that 90% of cancer patients do not need chemotherapy.

The battle of modern medicine against cancer, based on cutting, chemotherapy and radiation is totally ineffective. These are medieval practices based on the hopes of patients.

Bamboo salt with garlic works wonders for stomach and intestinal problems.

Bamboo salt’s pH of 10 is strongly alkaline and helps to resolve diseases or problems that originate in acidification. The combination of garlic with bamboo salt activates different enzymes. The combination has antiseptic properties. Neither has any side effects. The medication of the future is available right now.Combine garlic with bamboo salt.

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Garlic in the fight against cancer

Good tip for your health: garlic and bamboo salt

A study by Kim Younghee also investigated the combination of “garlic with bamboo salt” for stomach and bowel problems. The result was fantastic. 94.52% recovery in SOD and 94.3% recovery in glutathione enzymes that removed the free radicals.

The study concluded that the combination of garlic and bamboo salt can help prevent and heal stomach and intestinal problems.

Harvard medical school declared bamboo salt to be safe even at a level of 30 grams per day.

In 1995, already, the Dana Farber cancer research center of Havard University investigated whether bamboo salt is safe. With a pH of 10 and being rich in minerals, bamboo salt is used safely even at 10-30 g per day, without any negative side effects. This stands in stark in contrast to normal salt.



This study was confirmed by Professor G. Heumyoung of the Yeonan Medical Institute who found a cure in 86.7% of his patients with stomach ulcers, stomach infections and atrophic stomach infection. This was based on 1.5 – 2 grams of bamboo salt per day for 25 to 35 days.

In 1993 Professor Wangki of the Chinese Medicine Research Institute, with well-known thesis (South Korea’s clinical and experimental studies with Bamboo salt), investigated the influence of bamboo salt on stomach infections and ulcers. Prof. Wangki’s research shows that bamboo salt is healing 91.95% of the test subjects in case of stomach inflammation and ulcers.

The patients received 2 grams of bamboo salt, 3 times a day in hot water with ginger. The result was a 91.95% cure.

Bamboo salt is effective against local skin allergies, says Professor Kim Hyungmin.

In animals, prof. K.Hyungmin from the University of Kyunghee, found that, at a concentration of 0.1 g / kg and 1 g / kg of bamboo salt, a 24.3 and 52.2% reduction of the allergy parameters such as histamine occured.

Hond zonder allergie door gebruik van bamboezout. Bamboezout als natuurlijk medicijn.

Bamboo salt for allergies, also for animals.

Bamboo salt was also compared with the effects of pure salt (sodium chloride) on histamine. Pure salt had no effect and bamboo salt had a strong effect, slightly dependent on the amount administered.

Bamboo salt works for oral hygiene and stabilizes blood pressure, says Professor Ryo Hyoik.

Biochemistry Professor Ryo Hyoik from Kyemyung University gave 14 people 15 grams of bamboo salt for 8 weeks. Not one test subject got high blood pressure from this.. To the contrary, in most cases, normal blood pressure was restored.

Salt has nothing to do with high blood pressure.

Bamboo salt counteracts high blood pressure.

But that was not the purpose of the investigation. Bamboo salt could reduce H. Pylori bacteria in the stomach (H. Pylori is often associated with stomach ulcers). And the research also showed that bamboo salt is particularly effective in putting oral bacteria into the mouth.

bamboo salt is particularly effective in getting oral bacteria into the mouth.

Bamboo salt is particularly effective in stabilizing oral bacteria in the mouth.

According to professor Ryu, the molecular size of bamboo salt is 10 times smaller than that of salt. Because of the 10 times smaller molecular size, bamboo salt can move easier between the cell membranes than normal salt . Salt with larger molecular structures such as table salt stays in the blood more easily and simply attracts salt water. Which means that normal salt has the effect of raising the blood pressure. Bamboo salt has 300-600 A. Salt has 3000 – 7000A 1A = 0,000 000 08cm

Bamboo salt has a lower conductivity than normal salt. Therefore, bamboo salt can play a pharmaceutical role.

Professor Kim Muyung of the Beijing Fiber University studied the conductivity of salt and bamboo salt. (using X-ray and electron microscopy).

Drugs with a low conductivity pass through the cell membranes more easily than drugs with a higher conductivity. Bamboo salt has a lower conductivity and a different molecular structure than normal salt and can play a better and pharmaceutical role and provide more energy. In addition, bamboo salt is strongly basic and ordinary salt is rather neutral.

bamboezout als natuurlijk medicijn. 9 maal gebrand grof bamboe zout. Recept voor eenvoudige, natuurlijke en effectieve zoutoplossing bij verstopte neus.

9-times roasted coarse bamboo salt.

Hanyang University confirms the strong antimicrobial value of bamboo salt. Salmonella has no chance.

Salt is salt. Wrong!
Salmonella is a gram of positive bacteria that has little chance due to bamboo salt. The university showed that bamboo salt did better than refined salt and sea salt. The researchers think this is because bamboo salt is more alkaline, has more other trace elements and has a better oxidation redox potential.