The more bamboo salt is roasted, the more sulfur the bamboo salt contains. And sulfur stinks but is great for your health. The more often it is roasted, the more juices, minerals and trace elements are absorbed from the bamboo.

Langs de binnenkant van de bamboekokers zit van nature een vel. Dit vel is zeer rijk aan zwavel.

The bamboo “skin” is rich in sulfur.

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There is a natural “skin” along the inside of the bamboo tubes. This “skin” is very rich in sulfur. The more bamboo salt is roasted, the more the power and smell of sulfur is present in the bamboo salt .You can compare the scent that results with the smell of rotten eggs or lava. In the first instance, this odor is often experienced as unpleasant. Many people do not like the smell of sulfur. Yet sulfur is desperately needed for our health.

Sulfur plays an important role.

Sulfur is an essential mineral for humans. It is found in mussels, eggs, sardines, garlic, spinach, leeks, nuts, sprouts and cabbage. Sulfur was already used therapeutically many centuries ago for its beneficial effects. And it still is today. 9 times roasted bamboo salt is rich in sulfur.

Sulfur to protect organic apples.

Sulfur is used to protect organic crops.

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Wasps don’t like sulfur. In organic agriculture, sulfur is often used to protect the crops.

A sulfur deficiency in plants sometimes manifests in the light green and yellow color of the youngest leaves.
A shortage of sulfur in animals such as pigs and poultry results in poorer growth and low milk production. People sometimes suffer from watery eyes when there is a deficiency.

Sulfur actually is yellow in color, but when burned, the color turns into violet/purple. The more pure bamboo salt looks, the more often it is burned and the more sulfur it contains

Bamboo salt once or twice roasted has no sulfur odor and has a soft taste. 9 times roasted bamboo salt has a strong sulfur odor. The taste and smell takes some getting used to, but it is so good for your body that you quickly get used to it.

9 maal gebrand bamboezout zit vol zwavel. Zwavel is een wondermiddel voor je gezondheid!

Bamboo salt is full of sulfur. Sulfur is a panacea.

Nine benefits of sulfur for your health.

What can bamboo salt do for rheumatism, painful joints, arthritis, collagen, keratin, diabetes?

  1. Sulfur-rich water sources have been used for centuries to treat aches and pain in people with rheumatism, arthritis, gout and neuritis. Sulfur helps your bones and joints to stay pain and inflammation free.
  2. Sulfur is often called the driving force for energy to the cells. For example, sulfur plays a role in the metabolism for better insulin sensitivity. For more energy through better absorption of nutrients and better detoxification of the cells.
  3. Some essential proteins depend on sulfur. Sulfur is needed for the production of keratin, a protein that is needed for beautiful skin, beautiful and strong nails and hair. FYI: Menthionine and cysteine ​​are sulfur-containing proteins (amino acids).
  4. Sulfur is needed for structural molecules such as collagen. The most important mineral of the collagen protein is sulfur. Collagen is needed for our connective tissue (for example tight (wrinkle-free) skin ) and cartilage. Collagen can only work if sufficient sulfur is present.
  5. Sulfur is needed for healthy blood and hormones. It suppresses liver tumors and helps prevent liver fatigue.
  6. Sulfur also plays a very important role in detoxification. With sulphation (sulphate conjugation) that takes place in the liver and intestines. Without sulfur the liver cannot detoxify very well. Sulfur allows the liver to do its job and help remove toxic substances.
  7. Sulfur deficits can lead to loss of flexibility, varicose veins, stomach and bowel problems, dry cracked skin and more wrinkles.
  8. Transformed into MSM, sulfur is helpful in joint complaints and allergies. It improves the absorption of vitamins such as B1 and B8.
  9. Disruption of sulfur metabolism (sulphation) due to sulfur deficits, for example, can lead to increased permeability of the intestines, resulting in more neurological and allergic complaints. Even autism. In this way sulfur helps to prevent aluminum accumulations in Alzheimer’s.