If you want to eat healthy, then use bamboo salt. Bamboo salt as a proven antioxidant.

What are free radicals?

It is sometimes said that 90% of all diseases can be associated with free radicals, poor lifestyle, eating and drinking habits, so healthy eating really is a must. Chemicals are everywhere. Think of air pollution, all kinds of pesticides, colors, preservatives and fragrances, stress, junk food, radiation and many more things. This is called free radicals or oxidants.

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air pollution from factories spread free radicals and oxidants that attack the body.

Air pollution as the cause of diseases.

Junk food and bad eating habits are oxidants and are bad for your health.

Junk food and bad eating habits are oxidants and are bad for your health.

What is oxidation?

The definition of oxidation is a chemical process in which a substance releases electrons to another substance. Oxidation equals aging. Healthy eating slows aging, such as wrinkles.

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Copper coins react with oxygen, resulting in rusted coins.

Copper coins react with oxygen, resulting in rusted coins.

Copper coins react with oxygen and you get rusted coins. This process is called oxidation. When these rusted coins come into contact with hydrogen without oxygen, the coins get their shine back.

When toxins are piled up in the body they cause free radicals, aging and diseases. This process is called oxidation.

Removing free radicals, reversing aging and curing diseases is called reduction. And bamboo salt is the champion in this.

oxidation reduction force. 9 times roasted coarse bamboo salt. Recipe for simple, natural and effective saline solution for stuffy nose.

Nine times roasted coarse bamboo salt – as a reduction champion!

Can bamboo salt restore health?

An Oxidation reduction experiment with bamboo salt, hand-made sea salt and refined salt.

  • 20 grams of bamboo salt, handmade sea salt and refined salt are put in 3 separate glasses with 200 ml of water.
  • Rusted nails were then placed in the various salt solutions.
  • After three days, the result in both the color of the water and the rusted nails was surprising.
  • The bamboo salt water saline solution had achieved 2 things. The nails had regained their original shine and the water was clear. Wow!
  • The self-mixed sea-salt-water solution looked quite rusty and the nails were partially free of rust
  • In the refined salt-water solution, the water looked slightly rusty and the nails were rusted some more.

Conclusion: only the bamboo salt-water solution had reduction power.

Bamboo salt could regain the shine of the nails. How is this possible? Because bamboo salt gained ionized minerals such as hydrogen, silica and manganese ions. up to 9 times during the roasting process.

Hand-made sea salt also contains various minerals, but inactive and refined salt contains no minerals except sodium chloride, and has no reduction power.

From now on, eat healthy with 1, 2 or 9 times roasted bamboo salt.

Oxidation Reduction potential (ORP): will it cure diseases or maintain or recover health?

Removing toxins and waste is part of healthy eating.
All life on earth is a balance between the healing power of hydrogen and the oxidizing power of oxygen. And all living things are constantly subject to the interplay between oxidation and reduction.

The oxidizing and reducing power of food and other substances can be expressed in an oxi-reduction indicator of – 420mV (strongly reducing (hydrogen)) to + 815mV (strongly oxidizing (oxygen)).

It is stated that 0mV is neutral and that everything below 0 is a reducing force and everything above 0 is an oxidizing force. Below zero is healing and above zero is sickening.

The more removed from 0mV, the stronger the reducing or oxidizing power.

For example, bamboo salt roasted once has a reduction number of -260mV. In other words, once roasted bamboo salt helps to remove strong waste and toxins in our bodies.

Once-roasted bamboo salt for preventing and repairing skin problems such as psoriasis.

Once-roasted bamboo salt.

The lower the reduction number, the stronger is its restorative effect, the greater the removal of waste and toxins. This number does not, however, include kcal or nutrients from food or drink. Healthy food can also have an oxidising power and we do not have to avoid this as long as we consume enough food or drink with a reducing power.

Examples of highly oxidizing foods that should be avoided:

  • Tap (faucet) water differs from location to location + 779
  • Heart medication + 636
  • Refined sugar +501
  • Common salt + 437
  • Whisky + 416
  • Junk sports drinks + 294

Examples of highly recommended strongly reducing foods:

  • Alkaline water -250
  • Once roasted bamboo salt -46
  • Twice roasted bamboo salt -128
  • Nine times roasted baboo salt – 430

Examples of oxidizing foods that are nevertheless recommended:

  • Apples + 546
  • Lemons + 407
  • Oranges + 301
  • Cabbage+ 113
  • Lettuce + 38

Examples of low-reducing foods that are nevertheless recommended:

  • Cucumber -120
  • Sweet potato -172
oxidation reduction power of repeatedly roasted bamboo salt as a dietary supplement

Bamboo salt roasted several times.

Healthy eating? Bamboo salt will help.

Most medicines cause your body cells to oxidize (age), but bamboo salt helps detoxify (rejuvenate).
Both are essentialas lng as we pay sufficient attention to the reducing power of bamboo salt and other food with a reducing ability.

Reducing capacity means: helping to remove waste and toxic substances.

Most medication is highly oxidizing. People on medication would be very wise to take nine-times-roasted bamboo salt as a kind of supplement or to replace the use of refined salt (table salt, sea salt) in their diet with twice-roasted bamboo salt.

Of course bamboo salt cannot remove all toxins and waste materials in one go. Allow time for the chemical process of “oxidation and reduction” and nature to help restore your vitality and health with bamboo salt.

Healthy eating? Start using bamboo salt right away. Just do it!

pH value and reduction capacity of the different types of bamboo salt

From once roasted to nine times roasted, the sea salt has undergone a change.
The more bamboo salt is roasted, the higher its alkaline value and the stronger its reduction power. Burning handmade sea salt x number of times increases the pH value and improves the reduction power. The process of burning handmade sea salt does something with the properties of the salt. Features that benefit our health.

Hand scooped unrefined
sea salt
1 x roasted
bamboo salt
2 x roasted
bamboo salt
9 x
bamboo salt
PH value8,910,089,8911,50
Reduction power+23-46-128-430