“Use a spoonful of MCT oil every day. Ideal for nourishing your brain, giving your metabolism an extra boost and quenching your appetite. It will also help keep your blood sugar levels stable and reduce the urge for sugary snacks” Julie van den Kerckhove, keto blogger and author of books on keto

11 benefits of MCT oil according to Julie van den Kerchove, author of 'GO Keto'
Julie van den Kerckhove, keto blogger and author of books on keto: “A spoonful of MCT oil every day is ideal”
Pascale Naessens, author of several bestsellers, “Heart cells use ketones as energy, that’s their favourite fuel”.

What 6 benefits can you get from using MCT oil?

  1. Stimulates weight loss in several ways
    One experiment showed that subjects who took two tablespoons of MCT oil at breakfast ate less at lunch compared to people who ate coconut oil with their breakfast (2).
    Research has shown that MCT oil stimulates the production of two hormones that make the body feel saturated: peptide YY and leptin (1).
    As MCT is more easily processed by your body, it can also be more quickly converted into ketones. During a ketogenic diet, MCT oil is therefore an excellent product to help you remain in a ketogenic state.
  2. MCT is an immediate source of energy that is used as fuel for the brain
    MCT oil is seen as a super fuel (ketones) because it is better absorbed by the body than long fatty acid chains (7) .
    As MCT is easily digested, the body does not need bile to break down these fatty acids, and they are transported to the liver directly. These fatty acids can then be converted into ketones in the liver. Ketones can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, making them a suitable source of energy for the brain.

    “When your body is low in carbohydrates, the body will switch to fats as the first source of energy. In this process, the liver produces ketones from fatty acids, which most cells in our body use as fuel. During this process, the brain switches to a great extent from glucose to ketones as a source of energy. This is a more efficient energy source that generates fewer free radicals. This process can yield neurological benefits.” Pascale Naessens, author of several bestsellers p 21, Boek : ketokuur (Keto Cure). A new life in 14 days.
  3. MCT can help reduce lactate formation in athletes
    Lactate (a residual product of lactic acid) can form in muscles. This can then have a negative effect on performance levels. Research has shown that athletes who took 6 grams of MCT oil before cycling had less lactate formation and found it easier to sustain their efforts compared to people who had ingested long fatty acid chains (8).
  4. are fatty acids with antibacterial and viral activity
    MCTs contain proven antimicrobial activity (9) (10) (11). Coconut oil, which is largely made up of MCT, has a proven anti-fungal effect on candida infections. This is a fungus that causes various types of skin infections (12).
    Another study shows that coconut oil also reduces the growth of the pathogenic bacterium Clostridium difficile (13) This antibacterial and antiviral action of coconut oil is thought to be due to the presence of caprylic acid, capric acid and lauric acid in MCTs.
  5. MCT can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
    A study of 24 overweight men found that taking MCT oil in combination with phytosterols and linseed oil resulted in a 12.5% reduction in total cholesterol over a period of 29 days. When the same trial was carried out with olive oil, the reduction was only 4.7% (14). The same study found that the combination with MCT oil resulted in a lower LDL cholesterol score. A lower LDL cholesterol score is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. What’s more, the use of MCT oil can also increase ”good” HDL cholesterol (28). A higher HDL score is associated with good cardiovascular health. Also, the consumption of MCT oil is related to a significant reduction of a certain protein molecule known as C-reactive protein (CRP). This is an important inflammatory biomarker that indicates the risk of heart disease (15).

    “Heart cells use ketones as energy, that’s their favourite fuel.” Pascale Naessens, author of several bestsellers, p 21, Boek : ketokuur (Keto Cure). A new life in 14 days.
  6. MCT can help keep your blood sugar levels stable and manage diabetes
    MCT oil can offer benefits to people who have diabetes (16). For example, there are studies showing that diabetics who consumed MCTs needed less sugar to bring their blood sugar levels back to normal than those who did not consume MCTs (17). In addition, MCTs can contribute to improved insulin sensitivity, weight loss and waist circumference in diabetics (18).

Professor Hanno Pijl, endocrinologist and as a doctor, advises people who have diabetes. He wrote the book ‘Diabetes type 2’. The professor says the following: “Understanding as doctor and patient that you first have to work with food and only then with medication.” He advises diabetics on how to eat on a low-carb diet, whether ketogenic or not. “There is increasing scientific evidence that a ketogenic diet, at least for short periods of time, is healthy for us. Recent research shows us that a ketogenic diet is very effective in reversing type 2 diabetes.”

Source reference: 26 Scientific studies on MCT oil