Julie van den Kerchove is a keto blogger and author of several books on keto. She discusses the benefits of MCT oil in her book ‘Go Keto.’

11 benefits of MCT oil according to Julie van den Kerchove, author of ‘GO Keto’

These are the 11 benefits of MCT oil according to Julie:

  1. Mct oil contains fatty acids that help your body produce ketones, which gives your metabolism a huge boost.
  2. MCT oil is not stored as a fat reserve but is transported almost immediately to your liver where MCT oil is converted into instant energy.
  3. The MCT fatty acids make you feel satisfied for longer and help reduce your appetite for sweet foods.
  4. Medium fatty acids improve your concentration, clarity and the healthy function of your brain.
  5. Medium fatty acid chains improve thyroid function.
  6. MCT oil stimulates the function of the intestines (great in the case of constipation).
  7. The C8 medium fatty acid has a powerful effect on your metabolism.
  8. MCT oil has a neutral flavour.
  9. MCT is an essential ingredient in coffee and latte ‘brain fuels.’
  10. MCT is an essential ingredient during intermittent fasting. (fasting with breaks).
  11. Use MCT oil in smoothies, shakes, desserts, sauces, dressings and breakfast recipes too.
Surgeon and physician Carrie Diulus recommends MCT oil for treating inflammations such as arthritis.

Can you use MCT oil to help treat inflammations such as arthritis?

According to spinal surgeon and physician Carrie Diulus you can! She recommends MCT oil for treating inflammations such as arthritis.

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“Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), which are saturated fats that are metabolised as ketones. Ketones reduce inflammation and can provide pain relief by acting as a COX-2 inhibitor and modulating the AMPK and NFKB pathways. Patients often report improvements in arthritic pain when they cut out inflammatory vegetable oils and add MCT oil to their balanced low-carb diet. Low-carb diets also do not have to contain animal products, as many critics have pointed out. It can be entirely plant-based.”