The fatty acids C8 and C10 complement each other, they reinforce each other’s properties, they actually can’t do without each other. Together, the 2 fatty acids are evidently more potent than just one of the two MCTs.

How does C8 Caprylic acid (octanoic acid) in MCT affect your body?

  1. C8 Boosts your energy levels and speeds up metabolism.
  2. C8 is very quickly and easily converted into energy by your body.
    This means that C8 molecules, without spending very much time being processed in the liver, quickly show their powerful effects on your body.
  3. When you ingest C8 through your diet, it turns into ketones almost immediately.
  4. The intake of C8 leads to better physical performances.
  5. You will quickly gain mental clarity and a boost in physical energy.
    Many athletes and people in general, of course, who follow a Keto diet use C8 as an additional supplement to their sports drink, water or coffee for a quick energy boost.
  6. The fatty acid C8 enhances your body’s thermogenesis and therefore its ability to burn extra calories. It is only logical that this helps to lose weight and ultimately maintain a healthy weight once you have reached your goal.
  7. Boosts memory by nourishing the brain faster and more effectively.
  8. A study has shown that C8 can suppress cytokines, which are responsible for intestinal damage in Chron’s disease, ulcers and IBS.

How does C10 Capric Acid (decanoic acid) in MCT affect your body?

  1. C10 boosts your immune system more effectively like caprylic acid does.
  2. C10 is antimicrobial and prevents fungal infections.
  3. C10 fatty acid improves skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.
  4. C-10 leaves candida albican very little opportunity to manifest itself (fungal infection in e.g. intestines or vagina).
    A 2001 study showed that C10 is the most successful fatty acid when it comes to killing the three strains of the Candida Albicans fungus.
  5. C10 improves bile secretion.
  6. C10 improves cholesterol metabolism.
  7. Fatty acid C-10 improves digestion of other fats or fatty acids
  8. C10 helps prevent leaky gut syndrome.
  9. C10 helps to lose weight (thermogenesis).
  10. It helps in cases of diarrhoea, liver disorders and fat digestion problems.
  11. Breastfeeding mothers who ate C10-rich food passed on the antimicrobial potency to their infants, which improved their ability to fight infections.