Your skin is your first defense against any outside attacks. It deserves the best. MCT oil is aan incredibly special type of fat for the skin. Dr. Sandra Carter wrote a book about “MCT Oil for Skincare.” I’ll give a brief summary on this page.

  1. Use MCT oil on your skin because of its soothing antimicrobial effect which does not clog pores.
  2. Use MCT oil as a fantastic make-up remover, make-up cleanser and fabulous all-purpose cleanser for the skin.
  3. Use MCT oil on the skin, MCT will not cause an allergic reaction.
  4. MCT protects the skin from any foreign microorganisms.
    For example, MCT oil has been shown to destroy ‘Propionibacterium’ which are responsible for inflammatory acne. 3 types of bacteria that are linked to acne are destroyed by MCT before these can trigger acne.
  5. MCT helps moisturise your skin. MCT helps prevent eczema. MCT from coconut oil helps prevent dry skin and help prevent and treat flaky, itchy skin conditions.
  6. MCT helps wounds to heal. Clinical tests have confirmed that MCT accelerates the healing process, enhances the antioxidant status and increases collagen levels, collagen is important in the healing of wounds.

MCT and healthy fats are extremely important for our body, hormones, immune system and skin. MCT have a length of 6 to 12 carbon atoms. They are an extremely special type of fat.’ Dr Sandra Carter, author of several bestsellers, among them ‘MCT oil for Skincare.’