MCT oil is a source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (medium fatty acid chains). Coconut oil and palm kernel oil are both examples of MCT-rich oils and both contain approximately 50 to 60 percent in MCT. Your body processes MCT oil almost immediately, making it instantly available as a source of energy. In other words, it can serve as an energy source that provides you with instant energy while maintaining stable blood sugar levels (4) (5) (6).

There are four different types of MCT: C6, C8, C10 and C12. They are named this way because of the number of carbon atoms (6 to 12) they contain.

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Each MCT fatty acid has its own unique benefits – Funky Fat Foods

“Each of them has its own unique benefits, however C8 and C10 increase ketone levels more efficiently, being an excellent source for energy and brain health. And by the way, ketones also suppress your hunger hormones, making you feel satisfied for longer.” That’s according to Funky Fat Foods.

MCT oil and Keto, the ketogenic diet

The use of MCT oil can be a valuable supplement to a ketogenic diet. It contains easily-digestible fatty acids that can be quickly transported to the liver where they are converted into ketones.

MCT fatty acids can be converted into ketones more easily than other types of fatty acids. Therefore, this means that those who are following a ketogenic diet, MCT can keep you in the fat-burning ketogenic zone for a longer period of time. This can help to regulate blood sugar levels and consequently also help to lose weight.

MCT oil has become popular thanks to the ketogenic diet. On a ketogenic diet, your daily diet is made up of about 70% in fat, 25% in protein and 5% in carbohydrates. Ketones are your body’s energy supplier whenever you are unable to tap into your glycogen reserves. Ketones are far more efficient than glucose.

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Long before the keto diet had become well known, MCT oil was mainly used to help people with epilepsy. Sports dietitians say that MCT oil can help individuals or athletes stay in ketosis longer, even if they eat a lot more carbohydrates than what is normally recommended when following the keto diet. MCT oil also appears to be absorbed faster by the body owing to those medium fatty acids. In contrast to long fatty acid chains, MCTs are more easily digested by the body because of their shorter length.
The upshot is that energy is made available to the athlete much faster. MCT is an energy source that is instantly available, you immediately get more energy from it. For even better performances in running, cycling and swimming.

As MCT is more easily processed by your body, it can also be more quickly converted into ketones. During a ketogenic diet, MCT oil is therefore an excellent product to help you remain in a ketogenic state.

“If you really, really, really want to do keto – you can DO IT VEGAN: you DO NOT have to harm animals/the environment to do so! It is sure as hell is safer than doing an animal based keto.” Danielle Belardo, cardiologist, and member of the American Board of Internal Medicine

Professor Hanno Pijl , endocrinologist, spoke very positively about the ketogenic diet and cancer.
“Periodically eating a ketogenic diet protects mice from the side effects of chemotherapy, while also inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Animal experimental research shows that a ketogenic diet helps in the treatment of cancer.”