It is true that MCT oil is absorbed faster by the body and contains 10% fewer calories than other types of oil with long chain fatty acids, such as in Omega 3.

To sum up: according to experts, MCT oil in the form of coconut oil or palm kernel oil is an excellent way to add fats to your diet. Nutritionist Chang tells Runner’s World that ‘MCT oil is not a miracle worker.’ Moreover, a diet rich in fibre and protein is a healthy option and exercise remains the healthiest way to burn more calories.

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Suzanne Ryan of Keto Karma, blogger and author of the book ‘Simply Keto’,

“It’s great for adding healthy fats to your diet. MCT provides your body and brain with a natural source of energy.” Suzanne Ryan from Keto Karma on MCT oil, blogger and author of the book ‘Simply Keto’, p 53

What are the Blue Zones?

A book was published in 2008: “Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest.” In this book, five areas of the world are studied where people live the longest. These regions are known as the Blue Zones.

What do the blue zones tell us about high fat consumption?

Interestingly, you can see the same lifespan in the various Blue Zones despite the differences in fat consumption profiles.
Okinawa Japan: 10% fat. Ikaria Greece, contains 40% fat. In Ikaria they discovered that about 6 tablespoons of olive oil a day seemed to reduce the risk of middle-aged people dying by half. So, what’s the common thread running through all of these blue zones? They all eat 95-100% plant-based foods with very small amounts of animal products and no processed foods. Health is less dependent on the proportion of fat that they eat. A lot of fat or very little fat, you can grow very old with both.

Physician William Cortvriendt on the keto diet.

The physician William Cortvriendt who wrote the book entitled ‘Kankervrij’ (Cancer-free) is very positive about the keto diet.

Why does a ketogenic diet combat cancer? The answer to this question according to the doctor is: “With a ketogenic diet in cancer patients, we try to weaken cancer cells. By reducing the presence of glucose (sugar) as much as possible. Cancer cells try to grow through the fermentation of sugars. Fats (e.g. mct fatty acids) and ketones are difficult or impossible to ferment in an oxygen-free environment. Cancer cells live in environments which have low levels of oxygen or no oxygen at all. Generally speaking, it was assumed for many years that cancer cells cannot survive or grow in the absence of sugar (glucose). For your information : lactic acid forms around the cancer cells which acidify the environment through the fermentation of sugars. This is how the cancer cell can transform healthy cells into cancer cells. In animal studies, a ketogenic diet has a marked anti-carcinogenic effect (26) In humans, a ketogenic diet clearly lowers blood sugar levels. Lower blood sugar levels reduce the risk of cancer”

Source reference: 26 Scientific studies on MCT oil