Use bamboo salt to support your health, for example in sports, rheumatism, gout, sinusitis, colds, brushing your teeth, psoriasis, eczema and kidney failure.

Park Si-woo the bamboo salt specialist, gives 9-times roasted bamboo salt to his children if they have a cold or feels one coming on. The active bamboo salt helps prevent or cure colds.

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Once roasted bamboo salt for preventing and repairing skin problems such as psoriasis.

Once roasted bamboo salt.

2 maal gebrand bamboe zout. For better sports performance.

Twice-roasted bamboo salt.

9-times roasted coarse bamboo salt. Recipe for simple, natural and effective saline solution for stuffy nose.

9-times roasted coarse bamboo salt.

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9-times roasted extra coarse bamboo salt

9-times roasted extra coarse bamboo salt.

What is bamboo salt used for?

Enriching sports drinks with bamboo salt for better performance
Water, salt and trace elements are lost during sports. Timely topping-up is the message. Adding bamboo salt to your sports drink will enhance your performance and recovering capacity.
Recommended amount: 0.5 to 1 gram with 300 ml of sports drink.

For kidney problems use bamboo salt instead of normal salt!
Nobody can live without salt. People with kidney problems may initially suffer from bamboo salt (swelling of the face or limbs). However, these people benefit greatly from the use of bamboo salt.
It is recommended to start with a very small amount per day and to increase this slightly. The molecular weight of bamboo salt as well as conductivity is much lower than with normal salt, making it much easier for the body to absorb and digest it than normal salt. Swollen hands and feet are likely to soon return to normal when bamboo salt is used.
Advice: start with very little and gradually increase daily portions.

Bamboo salt will also heal rashes. Washing and bathing with bamboo salt.
Wash your face and limbs with bamboo salt to purify your skin. Heals rash, but also eczema and psoriasis.
Instructions: mix one teaspoon of bamboo salt with warm water. Wash your face and / or limbs with this and rinse with cold water.

Take a bath with bamboo salt.
For detoxification and for relief of pains caused by rheumatism, arthritis, gout and neuritis. Bathing in sulfur-rich water sources relieves pains caused by rheumatism, arthritis, gout and neuritis. Sulfur helps to keep your bones and joints pain and inflammation free or relieves these inflammations and pains. Some people are very enthusiastic about a bath with 9-times roasted bamboo salt.
Advice: Take a bath with 150 to 300 grams of twice-roasted bamboo salt and add 5 to 20 grams of 9-times roasted bamboo salt.
Soak in the bath for 30 minutes and experience the benefits to the skin and the alkaline and bioactive effect of bamboo salt on the body.

Relaxing: 1 x per week/month.
Therapeutic: Once a day

Bamboo salt for stomach problems and intestinal problems.
Fire is a symbol for the stomach and small intestine in Chinese 5-elements medicine. Bamboo salt once, twice or 9-times roasted is ideal for preventing and repairing stomach or intestinal problems.
Use: sprinkle once or twice-roasted bamboo salt in your food and occasionally suck a piece of 9-times roasted bamboo salt.

Brush your teeth with bamboo salt for white teeth and a healthy mouth.
Mixing a little bamboo salt with toothpaste will enrich your toothpaste. Tooth powder with bamboo salt is highly recommended. It is even possible to brush your teeth with only bamboo salt.
Use: wet your toothbrush and then dip it in some once-roasted bamboo salt. Brush, mix with saliva and then either swallow or not.

Bamboo salt as a solution for stuffy or runny nose in case of sinusitis and rhinitis.
Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses, often the result of a cold. The sinuses are air-filled spaces in the bone of the face. The main symptom of Rhinitis is a blocked nose. A blocked nose or difficult breathing often is the way the body tell us it needs to get rid of something.

How do you get rid of a blocked nose or stuffy breathing?

  • Fermented products, such as kimchi, are healing.
  • Also eat food with bamboo salt.
  • Make your own saline solution.

Recipe for simple, natural and effective saline solution for stuffy nose.

  1. Add about 26% bamboo salt, preferably roasted 9 times, to water. That forms your basis.
  2. For small children, supplement with water up to two times
  3. For adults do not not supplement with extra water or use only a minute amount..
  4. Aspirate the saline solution through the nose and repeat every hour. Or put the salt solution in a spray bottle.

The salt solution disinfects and the active bamboo salt activates enzymes. This saline solution detoxifies the nose via osmosis.

Do you want to get rid of your stuffy nose even faster?

Then suck a grain of bamboo salt for a day. Let it melt in the saliva in your mouth. Each grain of bamboo salt (roasted 9 times) works as an immune booster