Saturated fat is extremely healthy. Surprised?
Of course. Read my answer here.

 Verzadigd vet, zoals kokosolie en rode palmolie zijn gezondMary Enig, who specializes in fats, a docent at the Maryland University in the US, and who wrote the book ‘facts about fats’, writes that we have all been misled by the American soya industry’s story that we should eat less saturated fats. Convinced that she is right about this, she recommends that everyone should eat saturated fats such as palm oil and coconut oil to contribute to one’s well-being. Saturated fats are an essential component of each cell. There are so important that nature itself has provided all vegetable and animal foods with saturated fats. There is a reason for everything.
1. Breast milk contains 45% to 50% saturated fats, 35% monounsaturated fats (omega 9) and 15 to 20% polyunsaturated fats. Just think: if saturated fats were unhealthy, why would mother nature include it as the most important fat in breast milk for babies?
2. Americans eat the least saturated fats, but are the world leaders when it comes to cardiovascular disease. (43) The French eat a lot of saturated fats (cheese, cream, pâté) but the incidence of cardiovascular disease is twice less than among Americans.
3. The fats that clog our arteries only contain 26% saturated fat and 74% unsaturated fats (42).
4. In Polynesia (Pukapuka and Tokelau) the traditional population absorbed 60% of its calorie intake from saturated fats, mainly from coconuts. These populations barely suffer from cardiovascular disease, or excessively high cholesterol levels and were relatively slim (41). The researchers even established that there was no negative impact on their heart and arteries as a result f this high fat intake (60% of all calories).
5. Saturated fats reduce the Lp(a) value in blood (71) (73). An increased Lp(a) value is an indicator for a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.
6. The body needs saturated fats more than it does need polyunsaturated fatty acids. At least half of the phospholipids in the cellular membranes should be of a saturated nature. It is also the most important fat in the myelin fatty acids (marrow sheaths of the nerve cells).
7. Polyunsaturated fatty acids need saturated fats to arrive at a good balance between the penetrability and the solidity of the cellular membranes. Polyunsaturated fatty acids ensure that they are penetrable. Saturated fats ensure that they are solid. Healthy cellular membranes need to consist of at least 50% saturated fats.
8. Approximately 50% of our fats need to be saturated fats to obtain a good absorption of calcium and magnesium. Shortages in calcium and magnesium as well as sun (or vitamin D) and exercise will lead to osteoporosis. (76)
9. Saturated fats will protect the liver against alcohol and certain medication. (77)
10. Saturated fats strengthen the immune system. (78) They will strengthen it in two ways: On the one hand by reducing oxidative stress (they are saturated and as a result are not attacked by free radicals) and the saturated fats lauric acid, caprine acid atnd caprinyl acids function as natural antibiotics. They not only kill bacteria but also viruses and funguses. 11.The extended omega-3 fatty acids (for example EPA and DHA) will be better used and protected in the cells if there are sufficient saturated fats available. (79)
12. The saturated fats stearine acid and palmitine acid are the heart’s favourite food. The heart needs these two fatty acids in times of stress (80). The heart is mainly surrounded and protected by saturated fatty acids.
13. If when administers high dosages of saturated fats of the MCT family such as coconut oil over a longer period of time, this will reduce cholesterol levels. (109)
14. Thailand has the highest coconut consumption worldwide and one of lowest incidences of cancer worldwide, according to the 1996 list of the National Cancer Institute.
15. The Philippines have one of the lowest ratios of cardiovascular disease worldwide and consume large quantities of coconut. According to a 1992 study (Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine).
16. Like alpha-linolenic acid saturated fats can reduce the C-reactive protein, which is a sign of infection and serves as a warning for the development of cardiovascular disease. (113)
17. The lung surfactant, a substance which helps lungs perform their duties and prevents the lung alveoli from folding, consist of almost 100% saturated fats: Mainly palmitine acid. (113)
18. The saturated fats myristic acid (coconut oil) and palmitine acid (palm oil) are an essential factor in the communication between cells. (113) Our kidneys also require myristic acid to do their job.
19. Dr. W. Douglass writes in his book ‘Eat that cholesterol’ that an excessive consumption of polyunsaturated fats can lead to 78% more wrinkles and can make us look 20 years older (based on a study among plastic surgeons). (115) In Polynesia, where people have used a lot of coconut oil (saturated fat), people have retained a radiant skin for longer.
20. If patients recovering from a heart attack take 7% of their calories from coconut oil, then they will recover faster than the control group. Coconut oil can also help prevent cardiovascular disease due to its antiviral function. (117)
21. The World Health Organization and even the American Heart Association recommend a diet with sufficient saturated fats to maintain the best possible health. The membranes of our cells prefer saturated fats to unsaturated fats. (18)

Conclusion: Saturated fats are good for you.

You can’t do without them.We need more saturated fats than any other type of fat.

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