58-year-old (2020) Pamela Jacobs from Leeds gets a lot of surprised looks when she reveals her real age. Many would estimate her in her twenties. Pamela has great young-looking skin, without imperfections. Her figure is slim and healthy and she has a full head of hair. Many don’t see her for the 58-year-old woman she is, for example, she has even received a student discount and is told that she is probably lying when she tells her real age. Pamela has great young-looking skin, without imperfections. Her figure is slim and healthy and she has a full head of hair. Her secret: coconut oil, among other things.

The beauty tips from Pamela Jacobs. Prevent wrinkles with good care

Although she also indicates that she attributes her appearance to good genes, she does make an effort to maintain her beauty as long as possible. Here are her beauty tips. She takes a sauna every week, exfoliates her face every other day and never leaves the house without some natural sun protection. She herself attributes her looks to following a healthy diet, laughing a lot, enjoying life and regular exercise. Brushing her body regularly and applying coconut oil extensively ensures that her skin remains soft. When she goes to the gym, she also immediately does a sauna where she finishes with a cold shower. Then she also exfoliates all of her body skin and takes the time to put in a hair mask. A coconut oil hair mask. She uses as few chemicals as possible and likes to take a bath with some salt to ensure that the toxins in her body can be removed.

The healthy food. Plant-based foods, coconut oil, almonds and spices

Her beauty tip diet is mainly based on vegetables (Plant based diet) with some extra proteins now and then. Every day she makes optimal use of the herbs that are available, eats a lot of salads, vegetable yogurt and snacks a lot of vegetables such as cucumber in between. She tries to use organic products as much as possible. She follows the 80/20 diet where you eat healthy 80% of the time and pay less attention to the food 20% a day. She eats as little sugar as possible, not even fruit because they contain too much sugar. She drinks water throughout the day, often with a little fresh lime juice in it. She tries to eat bread and pasta as little as possible because it makes her feel bloated.

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Coconut oil favorite with Pamela Jacobs. Coconut oil against wrinkles for smooth and soft skin

Pamela is a huge fan of coconut oil, her mother used it for her hair and skin and she has continued to do so. She uses coconut oil for cooking, in coffee, for removing her make-up and cleaning her face, for treating her hair and applying it to the skin twice a day for facial and body care. She herself indicates that it makes her skin incredibly soft and nourished. So she is a true coconut oil fan!

Why coconut oil is good for you and why coconut oil against wrinkles?

Pamela is a big user of coconut oil, but what does this have to do with preserving beautiful young skin and looking radiant and radiant? Of course it also plays a role that Pamela from the previous success story eats well, healthy and mainly organic. In addition, she takes good care of her skin and body and makes time for sports and relaxation. It is a combination of all positive contributions to a healthy life that ensures that you still look good, even at the age of 58 or even 80. can see.

Using coconut oil externally: Lauric acid and capric acid protect skin

Beauty tip: When you use coconut oil externally, it certainly affects your skin, appearance and overall looks. For example, coconut oil in your hair ensures a minimum loss of proteins in your hair, making it thicker and stronger. Due to the antibacterial effect of coconut oil and the substances lauric and capric acid, coconut oil is also ideal for use on your skin. The substances are converted into monocaprin and monolarin, they replace the protective layer of your skin, as it were. Good news because many soap products remove or damage them. That way your skin is ideally protected. The uses of coconut oil on your skin and hair and even in your mouth are endless.

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Eat coconut oil and fry in coconut oil. Few MOVs, Few Wrinkles

There could also be a relationship between overconsumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids (MOVs) and wrinkles. Oxidation of MOVs in the skin causes wrinkles. For example, according to a study among plastic surgeons, they would produce up to 78% more wrinkles. Eliminating MOVs from your diet therefore seems to be a good solution against wrinkles for radiant skin. Coconut oil, unlike many other oils, contains few MOVs. (Dr. W. Douglass in his book ‘Eat Your Cholesterol’) Coconut oil has many more benefits.

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