Being healthy is not just about coconut oil. Good health is achieved through a varied and healthy diet, daily exercise and a healthy lifestyle, avoiding toxic substances as much as possible.

a pregnant woman who uses coconut oil as part of her prenatal diet
Coconut oil as a prenatal food

20 fantastic and surprising health benefits from coconut oil:

1. coconut oil as a prenatal food:

The birth of a child calls for extra care to prevent colds, flu and infections and fatigue in general. Coconut oil strengthens the immune system owing to its highly antimicrobial action.

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2. Coconut oil to improve your hormonal balance and production:

Hormones need fats. Lack of fats means a shortage of hormones and a hormonal imbalance.

3. Coconut oil to prevent and alleviate heartburn:

Reflux of gastric acid in the oesophagus, which can last minutes to days, is alleviated or prevented with extra virgin coconut oil.

4. Coconut oil makes nausea go away:

Cold-pressed coconut oil calms the digestive system. Headaches and nausea caused by digestive problems are alleviated and go away.

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5. Coconut oil aids digestion

Because a high-calorie diet is poor in nutrients, digestive problems are a major issue among the population. Coconut oil is the easiest oil to digest due to the fact that it is rich in medium fatty acid chains which are digested without pancreas enzymes or bile).

6. coconut oil increases the digestion of other nutrients:

Our diet should nourish us with healthy things that the body needs. Not all oils are the same Because of its many medium fatty acid chains, coconut oil enables us to digest more vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances from our diet. This statement is confirmed by Dr. Mercola.

Healthy chips with coconut oil

7. Coconut oil makes frying healthy. Long live healthy chips or fried foods:

Did you know that you can make delicious and healthy chips? Deep fry them in extra virgin coconut oil. For delicious and healthy chips, but also for anything else you deep fry. From now on, do it healthily with coconut oil! You can fry up to 50 times with coconut oil, provided you filter it. 8. Coconut oil helps weight loss: Coconut oil can also help incredibly well when trying to lose weight. The medium fatty acid (MCT) chains in coconut oil are directly digested as energy and not stored as fat. Your energy level increases. Coconut oil also improves thyroid function, so you burn calories faster and have more energy.

9. Coconut oil enhances fat burning:

Your body burns fat more easily with coconut oil than it does with butter, ghee, olive oil or other fats.

10. Coconut oil provides instant vitality. Coconut oil increases your energy levels:

‘Afternoon dips’ caused by bad eating habits drain your energy. Coconut oil is part of healthy dietary habits and provides instant usable energy.

spinach leaves with coconut oil, an ideal healthy combination
coconut oil and spinach, the ideal combination for good health

11. Coconut oil and spinach. Popeye squared:

Spinach and coconut oil, raw or cooked, are 2 friends that will help you get rid of inflammation and reduce the risk of cancer.

12. Coconut oil improves the ratio of HDL cholesterol to LDL cholesterol:

First of all, you really ought to stop worrying about cholesterol. There is no such thing as good and bad cholesterol. Both LDL and HDL are essential. The less the better? Wrong. Premium coconut oil raises HDL cholesterol levels and keeps LDL cholesterol levels stable. The role of coconut oil is to alleviate oxidative stress inside the arteries. This keeps our arteries and blood vessels healthy and supple for longer.

13. Coconut oil balances blood sugar levels and regulates insulin:

A 2009 study from Australia taught us that virgin coconut oil protects us from insulin resistance. Blood sugar levels will also fluctuate less after eating. Coconut oil is a must in a diabetes diet.

14. Coconut oil raises your metabolism, your calorie burning rate:

High metabolism means a lot of calories are burned and low metabolism means fewer calories are burned per hour. Virgin coconut oil strengthens the thyroid gland, which means your blood sugar levels fluctuate less. Coconut oil has a thermal effect. You are less likely to feel the cold and your body warms up more easily. And in order to warm up your body more, you need to burn more calories, just like a fire that burns heartily.

15. Coconut oil helps you feel satiated You stop eating sooner and start snacking less:

If you don’t stop feeling hungry while dieting, coconut oil can help. Coconut oil makes you feel satisfied more quickly and counteracts hunger swings.

16. coconut oil as a binding agent instead of protein. A vegan option and lactose-free:

A lot of dishes use eggs as a binding agent. 1 tablespoon of coconut oil can replace 1 egg as a binding agent. A vegan option.

17. Coconut oil as a substitute for butter. A vegan option and lactose-free:

Coconut oil is the solution if you want to avoid dairy products or eat lactose-free. Extra virgin coconut oil in cakes makes them taste a bit the same flavour-wise and gives them a longer shelf life.

18. Coconut oil for delicious stir-frying without any trans fats:

For stir-frying, people often use cheap oil that can handle high temperatures, for example arachis oil otherwise known as peanut oil. These are always refined and semi-saturated. Moreover, this low-cost oil also contains very harmful trans fats and invariably other harmful substances as well. Coconut oil cold-pressed is clean, contains no harmful substances and is your ideal partner for stir-frying.

19. Coconut oil for delicious and winning desserts:

Margarines should be avoided, just like Covid-19 or the plague. Desserts baked with organic coconut oil are healthier, tastier and have a longer shelf life.

a cup of coffee with coconut oil for fat burning
coconut oil and coffee for energy and fat burning

20. Add coconut oil to your coffee or chocolate milk:

Coffee in itself is a healthy drink. Especially coffee where the beans have been roasted at mild temperatures. Caffeine provides a boost; phytonutrients and antioxidants make coffee the ideal morning drink or break time drink. Coffee gets a double boost with a dash of virgin coconut oil instead of milk or cream. Coconut oil increases your energy levels, reduces your blood sugar ups and downs and raises your metabolism (fat and carbohydrate burning).

How can you take coconut oil?

Bake or fry with coconut oil, put coconut oil in your smoothies and coffee. Try to consume at least 1 and a maximum of 3 tablespoons of coconut oil each day. For your health, preferably choose extra virgin coconut oil (also called raw or cold-pressed coconut oil) over deodorised coconut oil. Preferably buy organic. Your body and mind will thank you.

With thanks to Britt Brandson ‘Coconut oil for health’ 2015