Health experts increasingly believe in extra virgin coconut oil as a cure for Covid-19. An interview on the TV channel ANC, in which doctor and scientist F. Dayrit explains why. Dr Fabian Dayrit is chairman of Integrated Chemists of the Philippines, at the University of Manila. He is convinced that extra virgin coconut oil strengthens your immune system against Covid-19.

Extra virgin coconut oil disables viruses that have a fat protective layer. Thank God for our immune system!

Since 1970, it has been known that the fatty acids in extra virgin coconut oil can dismantle the double fat protective layer of bacteria and viruses. Covid-19 is a virus with a double layer of fat protection. Just like soap, extra virgin coconut oil (called VCO (virgin coconut oil) in the video) dissolves the protective layer of Covid-19. This will disable the Corona virus. Once its protective layer is dismantled, the Corona virus has little chance of surviving or multiplying.

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Why does doctor and scientist Fabian Dayrit believe that extra virgin coconut oil is the Corona virus’ arch-enemy?

“My knowledge is based on science. Since the 1970s, the fatty acids contained in extra virgin coconut oil (VCO) have been studied extensively at our university under my supervision. Many fatty acids in extra virgin coconut oil are, once coconut oil is absorbed into the body, active against many viruses and bacteria”. – doctor and scientist Fabian Dayrit

Covid-19 virus has a fat protective layer. Viruses with a double layer of fat protection are relatively easy to render harmless. Lauric acid contained in coconut oil is converted in the body into mono-lauric acid. Through an enzymatic process known as ‘lipase’, the virus’ protective layer of fat is dismantled. However, not only lauric acid, but also hexanoic acid, capric acid, caprylic acid and myristic acid in extra virgin coconut oil are antiseptic.

Washing your hands or consuming extra virgin coconut oil destroys the Covid-19 or Corona virus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) clearly states that hand-washing is an effective means of combatting the spread of Corona. The ingredients in soap, particularly the surface active substances called tensides or surfactants, dissolve the coating, or fat coating, of the virus. And in this way, the use of soap kills the Corona virus. Indeed, coconut oil is a popular ingredient of many natural soaps and washing products. Extra virgin coconut oil (VCO) works in our bodies in a similar way. Once infected with the Corona virus, coconut oil can dissolve the fat protective layer of the virus, thus helping to destroy the virus. Coconut oil provides your immune system with the armoury (the building blocks) it needs.

How much extra virgin coconut oil should you consume in fighting the Covid-19 virus? Your immune system will be in seventh heaven with VCO!

However, further research is needed on this. Just like we don’t know exactly how quickly all Corona viruses are killed by hand washing. Wash your hands for 1 minute or 20 minutes? Dissolving the double fat coating of the corona virus is perfectly comparable to what soap does to the corona virus if you wash your hands thoroughly.

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It dissolves the double layer of virus fat. Dr Fabian Dayrit (University of Manila) has successfully carried out scientific tests on 15 test subjects. In his view, coconut oil is much safer than medication. Extra virgin coconut oil is hyper-allergenic (no known allergic reactions), and is on the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list. Furthermore, there is no known toxic dose.

In case of infection: I recommend 2 to 3 tablespoons. Build this up gradually. Reduce again in the case of diarrhoea. For regular support of your immune system: 1 to 3 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon. Otherwise, temporarily replace butter, margarine or other fat with extra virgin coconut oil. Only buy organic extra virgin coconut oil.

Find out what extra virgin coconut oil can do against covid-19

Your immune system will thank you! An interview on corona with scientist and doctor Dr Fabian Dayrit on the ANC news channel (ABS-CBN news channel).