Date products and dates have been scientifically studied . Extensively studied. They have proven their worth against pancreatic cancer in 4 scientific studies. They reduce the activity of tumors, strengthen our cells against cancer cells and boost our immune system. Three studies show that the consumption of dates and date products improves the fat and sugar balance of diabetics.

Eat dates regularly for a smooth bowel movement
Eat dates or date products regularly for a smooth bowel movement

Dates are known as a mild laxative

Date products such as their sugar , paste and syrup are good for maintaining a smooth bowel movement. They are a good source of fiber that aids in a smooth and normal course in the intestinal tract.

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Mother provides good quality breast milk using dates
Date products improve breast milk quality

Dates and Fertility

Components of plant estrogens in dates and date products enhance our reproductive hormones. Reduce anemia due to the various minerals such as iron. These products improve the quality of breast milk. Dates and date products also help the uterus return to its normal pre-pregnant state after delivery.

In men in the Middle East and North Africa, it is widely known to improve men’s sexual stamina. In addition, dates and date products also improve the sperm count and the quality of the semen.