Date sugar is actually the dried date very finely ground. So it is not the sugar extracted from dates. It is the date in its entirety in powder form. With all the goodness of dates. Such as the fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. As well as a little protein and a very little fat. Complete and unrefined.

six jars of refined sugar and healthy date sugar with a lower glycemic index.
Different types of refined sugar. All can be replaced with date sugar.

Date sugar is the sweet power of the sukkary date. Date sugar has a sweetening power of almost 1 to 1 with that of refined beet or cane sugar. But so much healthier.

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Date sugar contains at least 9 minerals and trace elements and 10 vitamins. These are moderately present, but you cannot say this about refined sugars. Refined sugar contains virtually no minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

A cup of tea with sugar.
Replace sugar in your tea with date sugar. Tastier and healthier!

How are you going to use date sugar?

Replace refined sugar with date sugar and you are so much healthier. Replace an unhealthy sugar cube with healthy date sugar.