There are many ways in which you can use dates and date products, such as date syrup, date paste and date sugar. I’ll list a few options for you:

dish with dates
Dates are super tasty in a fruit salad

How can you use dates?

  1. You can eat dates out of hand.
  2. Dates and date products can be filled or mixed with almonds, pecans, walnuts, peanuts, marzipan, cream cheese, tahini, candied citrus peels.
  3. Chopped dates, date sugar and date syrup can be used in sweet and savory dishes, such as tajines, pudding and rice pudding.
  4. Nut bread with dates is very tasty, but you can also sweeten the bread with date syrup, sugar or pasta.
  5. As a healthy and very tasty sugar substitute in cake. This is done a lot in America.
  6. Cover dates with chocolate or make your own chocolate spread with date sugar as a base.
  7. Date products can be used in typical English desserts, such as toffee pudding, Christmas pudding and walnut bread. You can also make the famous English HP sauce with dates.
    This brown sauce is made from malt vinegar, tomatoes, molasses, tamarind and dates. Make it easier on yourself by choosing date sugar, date paste or date syrup. These seasonings combine to create an addictive umami cocktail.
    For years, HP Sauce (Brown Sauce) has competed with ketchup as the number one sauce on a bacon sandwich.
  8. Ottolenghi uses date syrup. In Israel, date syrup is used in cooking meat substitutes and chicken.
  9. Date syrup is used as a typical fruit syrup from the Middle East.
  10. You can also use date syrup to glaze vegetables, meat, fish and meat substitutes.