Date syrup or date syrup are the same. They are synonyms.

Date syrup is unique in the world of syrups or syrups. Date syrup contains no less than 8 grams of fiber per 100 grams. That’s good news for a healthy intestinal transit. No other syrup can imitate this date syrup. Date syrup contains all the properties of the whole date. It is basically date sugar with added water. And date sugar is the ground whole date and not the sugar extracted from dates.

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The Brix value of date syrup is 74° to 77°

The Brix value tells us how much dissolved sugars are in a liquid. The Brix value is stated in degrees Brix. One degree Brix means that 100 grams of liquid contains 1 gram of sugar.
So: the higher the Brix value, the sweeter the solution. The higher the Brix value, the sweeter and tastier the date syrup is. A higher Brix value generally indicates a better quality.

Date syrup has a high sweet value

Thick date syrup contains a Brix value of no less than 74° to 77°. Honey has a Brix value of between 70° and 88°. The runnier or lighter the color of the date syrup, the lower the sweetness. Other syrups contain less and even significantly less sweet power.

For example, dark sugar syrup generally only contains 60° to 70° Brix value. Maple syrup around 66° Brix. And molasses even less, only 55°. Light syrups have a Brix value of 0° to 20°. Many sauces have a Brix value of around 20° – 50°.

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A stack of small thick pancakes and a cappuccino with date syrup
coffee and pancakes with date syrup

How do you use date syrup?

You can use date syrup in coffee or tea to replace white sugar. You can also use it to replace refined sugar in recipes, sauces and rice pudding. Use date syrup as a topping for pancakes, waffles and ice cream.

Date syrups are also used as a seasoning in liquorice, soup, sauces, marinades, dressings and soy sauce. It can also be used to give bread, cereals and cakes a natural color and great taste.