4 ways in which fermented garlic can reduce the risk of cancer:

  1. Black garlic inhibits the growth of cancer cells
  2. Black garlic can help the body expel carcinogenic cells faster
  3. Black garlic protects the DNA of our cells
  4. Black garlic helps prevent the growth of cancer cells

In addition, the use of fermented garlic is strongly recommended when undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, as it can reduce hair loss and fatigue and advance recovery. Cancer and fermented garlic are truly enemies.


Make black garlic your friend in the fight against cancer

It must be noted that fermented garlic is no cure-all. Nevertheless, food is one of the variables that increases or decreases your chances of getting cancer. Without a doubt, black garlic can help prevent and even cure cancer. As carcinogens are present in almost anything these days (think of meat products, pesticides, cosmetics, detergents, paint, clothing fabrics, tap water), it’s a good idea to make friends with black garlic.

Help prevent and cure breast cancer with black garlic.

Help prevent and cure breast cancer, stomach cancer and bladder cancer with black garlic.

At the first World Congress on Garlic, dr. R. Lin stated that his research findings indicate that garlic helps protect our bodies from radiation and environmental pollution, two major causes of cancer. A clove of garlic or black garlic a day helps to keep cancer away, one might say.

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Three types of cancers that (black) garlic can help prevent:

  1. stomach cancer

    Biochemist J. Liu and his team concluded that garlic was significantly better at stopping nitrosamine from forming in the intestines than vitamin C. Nitrosamine is a carcinogen. Dr. Millner came to a similar conclusion. Garlic reduces nitrosamine levels in the intestines. Chinese who eat garlic regularly have 60% less chance of getting stomach cancer (according to the Chinese National Cancer Institute).
  2. bladder cancer

    In one study, garlic extract was shown to be as effective as a well-known drug treatment for bladder cancer. The study was published in 2018 in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine. 17 scientists signed their name under it and they also mentioned that there were no side effects, which Criplatin (a drug treatment for bladder cancer) does have.

    Another study looked at the effects of black garlic (aged garlic extract) on bladder cancer. 22 fruit and vegetable extracts were compared to garlic extracts. Some extracts had little or no effect, but cauliflower, red grape, guava and strawberry extracts had a clear protective effect on bladder cancer in rats. But the absolute winner was garlic extract. Bladder cancer cells could barely survive. The researchers additionally concluded that many other types of cancer cells were also not able to survive. All extracts were injected directly into the body, so not consumed through the digestive tract. (21,11,201!, A novel therapeutic anticancer property of raw garlic extract via injection, Z. Li, W. Le & Z. Cui)
  3. breast cancer

    A recent study confirms previous studies that showed a positive connection between garlic and the reduced risk of breast cancer. This was a 6-year study of 660 women, half of whom had breast cancer. The researchers from the Puerto Rico study concluded that eating onions or garlic on a daily basis reduces the risk of breast cancer. The results were spectacular. There was a whopping 67% less chance of breast cancer when frequently consuming onions and garlic. Garlic contains flavonoids and organic sulphur: substances that have anticancer properties. However, according to the researchers, we should also keep in mind other factors, such as a healthy diet and exercise for instance. (This study was published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer.)