Fermented black garlic protects the cardiovascular system.
Black garlic reduces the chance of heart attacks, vascular diseases and atherosclerosis

Black garlic reduces the chance of heart attacks, vascular diseases and atherosclerosis

Over 100 scientific studies have shown that fermented garlic provides the best protection for preventing, inhibiting, or reversing heart attacks, vascular diseases and atherosclerosis.
We will discuss 4 topics:

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  1. Fermented garlic helps prevent blood clotting
    Statins, coumarins and aspirin are not as powerful as black garlic
    Black garlic is an effective blood thinner. Garlic contains “adenosine,” a substance that inhibits fibrin, a blood clotting protein. It can reduce blood sticking to the artery walls by 50% and reduce platelet aggregation by up to 25%. As a result, the chances of thrombosis and atherosclerosis are reduced.

    Fermented garlic works better, is more broadly applicable and safer than statins, coumarins and aspirin. These are chemical medicines with numerous side effects.
  2. Black garlic prevents oxidation of the artery walls
    Fermented garlic will help lower cholesterol levels
    We shouldn’t fear cholesterol. Cholesterol – even when cholesterol levels are high – is your friend and never your enemy. Fearing it is unjustified.

    The majority of cholesterol is produced by your liver to protect and repair the arteries, among other things. Fermented garlic contains antioxidants, and has other properties that help protect the arteries from oxidants. Black garlic also helps combat the ageing of the arteries. Black garlic contains high amounts of SAC (S-allyl cysteine) and SAMC (S-allyl mercaptocysteine). Numerous studies have confirmed the protective effects of SAC and SAMC.
  3. High blood pressure is lowered by fermented garlic (black garlic)
    Blood pressure-lowering medicines are not as powerful as black garlic
    Fermented or black garlic lowers high blood pressure more than regular garlic does. In fact, it is as effective as most blood pressure-lowering medicines.

    But black garlic has these blood pressure-lowering medicines beat when it comes to side effects, since it doesn’t have any. What’s more, those medicines do nothing to take away the cause of high blood pressure.

    Blood pressure-lowering medicines force the heart to pump more slowly, the blood vessels to be more open, or our body to contain less blood. They improve blood results, but not the cause of the issues. This is false and dangerous.

    Fermented garlic works slowly, and lets nature do its thing. It improves the condition of the cardiovascular system. After a longer period of 1 to 3 months, a lowered blood pressure can be observed.
  4. Black garlic eliminates the need for anxiety medications
    Goodbye valium, long live black garlic. Anxiety medications make you feel tired and drowsy. In ‘The garlic book”, Emily Thacker suggests that garlic has a stress-relieving effect very similar to valium. This is good news if you have cardiovascular problems. A test also showed that after 3 weeks of using garlic, the test subjects had more stamina and became less tired.