Flu? Common cold? Aged garlic helps strengthen the body's natural defences.
Flu? Common cold? Aged garlic helps strengthen the body’s natural defences.

Research shows that by eating black garlic regularly, your body’s natural defences are significantly improved. In these studies, the natural killer cells multiplied by as much as 160%, and the macrophages by 290%. Both are part of the white blood cells, our internal army that attacks unwanted viruses, bacteria, dirt, etc., preventing us from getting ill.

Tip: Aged garlic is also perfect for treating urinary tract infections, together with cranberry juice and bamboo salt. The cystitis and urinary tract infections are gone within 24 to 48 hours. The recommended intake per day, spread throughout the day: 1 litre of unsweetened cranberry juice, 5 to 10 g of black garlic and 2 to 6 g of bamboo salt 9 times roasted.

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