1. Lower blood sugar levels
  2. Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease
  3. Help prevent blood clots
  4. Help the blood vessels relax
  5. Strengthen us against cancer
  6. Help for a healthy digestion
  7. Improve brain function
  8. Work anti-inflammatory
  9. Often antiviral and bactericidal
  10. Affect certain enzymes related to inflammatory response and digestion
polyphenols for human health
Polyphenols to promote human health

Polyphenols to promote human health?

Aside from the simple antioxidant activity, the question of the health-promoting effect of polyphenols is enormous. Scientists present the effects of plant flavonoids and other phenolic compounds on the promotion of human health, healing and prevention of diseases, including their antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-cancer, cardio-protective, immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory and skin-protective properties. The natural plant phenols and flavonoids for menopausal challenges.

It is now recognized that the health-promoting effects of polyphenols extend beyond their “basic” antioxidant function. The control of aging and degenerative diseases by polyphenols has also been associated with their ability to inhibit some enzymes, such as cyclooxygenases and lipoxygenase involved in inflammation or acetylcholinesterase, associated with some neurodegenerative diseases in which oxidative stress and choline deficiency are beneficial. create conditions for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

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