To lose weight? Do not choose a low-fat diet but go for omega 3 and omega 6

Go for omega 3 and omega when you want to lose weight. Ditch a low-fat dietLow-fat diets in general and the concern about eating low-fat in particular may be well-intentioned, but they are harmful to our bodies. The FAO recommends that a minimum of 15% and a maximum of 35% of calorie intake should come from fat (15). Fat-soluble nutrients such as all carotenes, including beta-carotene in carrots, alpha-carotene in red peppers, lutein in spinach, zeaxanthin in corn and lycopene in tomatoes, are only properly absorbed if healthy fats are present. This also applies to fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E and K. Other vital substances such as coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid and carnitine also depend entirely on the absorption of fats. In addition, shortages of healthy fats disrupt the hormone balance. (15)

For weight loss you need omega 3 and omega 6, certainly not a low-fat diet

In 1995, an article appeared in the magazine of the American Dietitian Association in which Allred showed that an exaggerated fixation on fat-free or low-fat (low-calorie) food is partly the cause of the alarming obesity. Deficiencies in omega 3 and omega 6 slow down the metabolism. So we will burn fewer calories at rest. That is why sufficient omega 3 and omega 6 are essential to lose weight faster or to stay slim. dr. D. Horrobin states: ‘Fat people may suffer from omega 3 and omega 6 deficiencies’ (16). Udo Erasmus confirms that omega 3 and omega 6 increase the metabolism, the combustion rate and energy production (18). As a result, we burn more and faster and have more energy.
Omega 3 stimulates prostaglandins type 3, which help to drain fluid from the tissues. Excess weight is often due to fluid retention (oedema).

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