Coconut oil as natural skin care for eczema, psoriasis, dry skin …

Kokosolie ideaal als natuurlijke huidverzorging bij eczeem, psoriasis, droge huidIt is no coincidence that people, in regions where coconut is part of the daily diet and habits, have a beautiful soft skin and strong luxuriant hair. Coconut oil is important for the inside and outside of our body.


  1. Natural skin care on the inside: By protecting yourself against free radicals, both on the inside and outside, you can contribute to your young looks, prevent brown pigment spots to a certain extent and limit wrinkles. Free radicals are unstable, aggressive molecules, which damage cells, proteins, fats, DNA, and which thus tend to accelerate the ageing process. Wrinkles, brown pigment spots are largely the consequences of such oxidation processes. Because coconut oil contains saturated and stable fats, these are not affected by free radicals. By partially sub- stituting unsaturated fats by saturated fatty acids, there is less , there is less of a risk of the formation of free radicals.
  2. Natural skin care on the outside: Coconut oil contains protective substances such as Coconut oil contains protective substances such as lauric acid, which the skin needs to arm itself against dehydra tion and harmful infl uences. The sebum which the skin naturally produces mainly The sebum which the skin naturally produces mainly consists of MCTs, which are abundantly present in coconut oil. Coconut oil also has a tendency to form acids, exactly what the skin needs. Coconut oil can be a great natural alternative to expensive cosmetics. (39)

Coconut oil better alternative than other skin care, coconut oil as natural skin care

Many commercial products contain unwanted chemicals (irritants), are teeming with unfriendly fullers, emulgators, all types of chemical preservatives and perfumes and generally speaking with refined unsaturated fats (which become rancid once applied to the skin and which are devoid of their natural healing substances such as vitamin E and carotenes). In other words, they contain very few healing substances. Most skin products are based on petroleum derivates or water. These are cheap ingredients, but our skin doesn’t need them at all. Water-based lotions often leave the skin as dry after use as it was before. Water will soften the skin for a short while, but once it has evapo- rated, the skin is dryer than before. Frequent washing will tend to dry out the skin.

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Jeremy, a yoga teacher that I know, says the following: ‘Once a week, after my shower, I cover my skin with coconut oil to protect it. Before putting on my clothes, I let the coconut oil pen etrate into my skin for a good 15 minutes’. By rubbing your skin with coconut oil, you will also restore the skin’s protective layer.

Coconut oil for skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema

Red spots on the skin (psoriasis or eczema) can be reduced by regu- larly consuming coconut oil and rubbing the skin with it. Coconut oil contains 3 fatty acids, which protect the skin from microbial attacks and harmful substances in our environment: Caproic, capryl and lauric acid. In other words they combat reactive infections. The skin produces lauric acid in order to protect our body against microbes. The richest source of lauric acid is coconut oil. For example mix coconut oil with some drops of essential lavender oil.

Always choose organic extra virgin coconut oil as natural skin care

It is important to use organic extra virgin coconut oil, which has not been hardened, deodorized or refined. If you rub your skin with coconut oil after your bath or shower (don’t dry off completely), you will notice that your skin will feel less dry than it did before. In population groups which consume a lot of coconuts, the oil is used to treat cuts, skin infections and scrapes. Coconut oil can also be used with essential tea oil, cinnamon or savory to remove warts. Guaranteed success within 3 months, dab several times a day.

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Not only coconut oil but also healthy food is important for a perfect skin

Of course coconut oil is not the only measure to achieve great-looking smooth skin. Healthy eating habits including a lot of vegetables and suffi cient whole cereal products, fruit, herbs and nuts are also essential. Sufficient attention for vitamin E, C, silicium, omega 3 and omega 6 specifi cally, without lapsing into excess, are essential for healthy skin. The essential oils of lime, lemon, mandarin and orange, when added to coconut oil, have a wonderful effect and contribute to young, soft skin. (see hand cream)