Be careful about buying soy-based baby food!

Baby food with soya soyMany baby food formulas contain phytates, which make it difficult for the body to absorb essential minerals, such as zinc, iron and calcium, from the soy.

Since 1939, it has been known that baby and toddler foods that contain soy can disrupt thyroid function and cause goitre. Soy contains too little of the sulpher-bearing essential protein methionine, causing potential growth problems to arise. Traces of protein inhibitors, which are naturally present in soy, may also inhibit the growth of babies and toddlers.

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Soy-based baby food can also contain too much manganese and aluminium, which can lead to behavioural problems and learning difficulties. The high proportion of oestrogen (isoflavones) in soy-based baby and toddler food puts the immune system, the endocrine and nervous system, under pressure. Our opinion: in a varied diet, some fermented soy-based baby and toddler food is suitable. But soy should never be the main diet for a baby or small child and GM soy should certainly never be given to children.