Chronic fatigue and coconut oil?

Bij extreme vermoeidheid of chronische vermoeidheid slim kokosolie te gebruikenChronic fatigue almost always has its origin in the intestines.
Sick intestinal flora (viruses and excess bad bacteria), the fermenting of sugars, the rotting of protein and fungi in the intestine can prevent or impede the absorption of nutrients. As  a result the intestine may become infected, toxins of viruses  and  bacteria  result  in  the  absorption  of  fungi, which  can  drastically reduce our vitality. Vitality starts in your intestine.  Coconut oil has a strong antibacterial  functioning,  restores  the mucous membrane in the intestine and prevents infective  reactions. As such coconut oil is extremely beneficial in case  of chronic fatigue. Therapeutic use of 3 tablespoons per day  is recommended until vitality is restored. Then I recommend  at least one tablespoon daily.

Dr.  Jon  Kabara  has  had  a  long  and  distinguished  career  as  a  lipids  specialist.  In  1948  he  started  out  as  assistant at the University of  Illinois,  in  the Biochemistry  Department. He was  later  appointed  Professor  at  the  University of Detroit. At  the  University  of  Michigan  he  laid the  foundation  of  the new College of Osteopathic Medicine. He was one of  the first researchers  to discover the  anti-microbial  property  of  medium chain fats.

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He has more  than 16 patents  to his name and has authored or co-authored more than  200 publications, including eight books. He is widely considered one of the most recognized authorities regarding comestible fats.