What is vit. D good for and why is it important?

Healthy vitamine DActually, there are too many benefits to name, given that all our systems are linked. A deficiency of any essential substance will result in health problems in many, if not all, areas. The converse is also true, and the sufficient intake of an essential substance will provide good health in many, if not all, areas.

  • Vit. D aids calcium absorption from the intestine (10)
  • Vit. D aids the retention and absorption of calcium in bones (10)
  • Vit. D improves the regulation of cell multiplication (10)
  • Vit. D increases the body’s immune response (10)
  • Vit. D helps, together with physical activity, to prevent osteoporosis (12)
  • Vit. D helps to prevent prostate cancer (13)
  • Vit. D helps to prevent breast cancer (15)
  • Vit. D helps to prevent cardiovascular disease (17)
  • Vit. D helps to prevent type 2 diabetes (18)
 These are not the only benefits of vitamin D, and Dr Gert Schuitemaker cites many other scientific studies that say that vitamin D benefits strong teeth, depression, winter blues, strength, the memory, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), lower back pain, breathing, pre-eclampsia and the flu.(19) Yes, the flu is a seasonal illness in the 6 months when there is little sunlight.