Eat well, stay fit, live long and die quickly

Eet goed, blijf fit, leef lang en sterf snel We spend much more on health care than on nutrition. We live longer but are no longer healthy. In the past, we had a large infant and child mortality rate, so it seems that we are now living longer. This partly is the case. We also fight fewer wars and therefore die at an older age. Baby mortality, infant mortality and wars previously lowered our average age. But we pay much more for health care than for (healthy) nutrition. For example, Americans spend an average of $8 300 on healthcare per year and only $2 200 on food. As they grow older, Europeans take 7 to 10 medicines per day. The period of aging has become considerably longer and the cost of care is higher too. Our bad nutritional habits, bad lifestyle and our faith in pills (medicines) are largely responsible for invisible and creeping damage.

The six examples of disruptors of our health?

Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, gastric acid inhibitors, artificial sweeteners, hormone-disrupting substances, and biocides such as Roundup.

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  1. Antibiotics as a disruptor of our health We too often forget about the mass of antibiotics used in the livestock industry. Chickens, pigs and cattle are injected with antibiotics and arsenic. This causes large meat eaters to ingest too many undesirable antibiotics and arsenic. Antibiotics sometimes keep us alive but they can also be harmful. Antibiotics undesirably kill most bacteria in your intestines. It can take up to 2 years before your intestines are restored after an antibiotic course. We forget that our resistance is built up in our intestines by 600 different bacteria with a combined weight of 2 kg. Eating a lot of meat and taking antibiotic cures are bad for our intestinal flora and our health. Do not take antibiotics too quickly in case of bladder infection and urinary tract infections. These days, rather use granola juice pure and unsweetened, 1 liter per day. Better: use immuno herbs that restore your resistance and defend your body. Antibiotics are hardly ever needed.
  2. Gastric acid inhibitors as a disruptor of our health Proton pump inhibitors or gastric acid inhibitors should be avoided at all cost. Gastric acid kills bacteria essential for our resistance. And research shows that gastric acid inhibitors increase the risk of dementia and are associated with kidney failure. Gastric acid inhibitors are also responsible for the small intestine leaking. Due to gastric acid inhibitors, new bacteria survive in our intestines that would normally die in the acidic environment of the stomach. And because too little acids are formed in the stomach due to gastric acid inhibitors, complete digestion and absorption of proteins do not occur. Protein shortages and muscle breakdown occur. But also brittle nails and soft skin. Better: Drinking water with bicarbonates such as Pineo is a much better solution than using gastric acid inhibitors.
  3. Artificial sweeteners as disruptors of our health Sucralose, saccharin, aspartame and all chemical sweeteners (I prefer to call them sweet tasting chemicals) drastically change the holobioma. Holobioma are the microbes in your intestines, on your skin and even around your body. And without these microbes, we can’t survive. Holobioma live in symbiosis with our body and mind. Only with them can we survive. Chemical sweeteners are also hormone disruptors and disrupt our internal clock. Better: Preferably use coconut blossom sugar such as Gula Java with its low glycemic index (also suitable for diabetes) or use the stevia leaf whether ground or not. Do not use stevia glycosides, the chemical isolate of stevia, to sweeten.
  4. Hormone-disrupting substances will make you ill. Estrogen-like substances such as in plastics, perfume, preservatives, cosmetics, DDE-containing inks such as cash register ink but also PCBs, DDT. The consequences of many of these estrogen-like substances only occur later, including prostate problems, thyroid problems, cancers, reproductive problems in men, but also women, diabetes and obesity. Refined supermarket oil with the preservative DHT should be avoided like the plague. DHT is also used in non-organic wholemeal flour to prevent the omega’s in the bran and the germ from becoming rancid. Noble cause but detrimental to your hormone balance. BPA in plastic bottles, bags, packaging, cans, metal lids and baby teething rings. But also parabens in all kinds of cosmetics and body care products. Triclosan and chemicalmaterials with antibacterial activity used in hospitals, but also in soap, hand soap, deodorants, toothpaste and many care products are a strong hormone disruptor. Triclosan also kills desired bacteria on hands, mouth, skin and intestines. Triclosan is a disruptor of your holobioma. DCHP, DEHP, DNOPO and BPS are phthalates. Phthalates are substances for softening plastic. To make plastic less fragile. We get them indirectly to a large extent through our diet. Research showed that cereals, beef, pork, chicken and milk products are the largest sources of phthalates. They are stored in the fat of animals that come into contact with it. Arsenic in chicken as antibiotics is a hormone disruptor avant la lettre. And the more chicken you eat the more your hormones are disturbed and the more cancer lurks. Pregnant women who are exposed to arsenic by eating chicken later have a good chance of having children with attention problems and boys with smaller penises. Better: drink only from glass containers, avoid plastic where possible, and eat biologically secure fatty products such as cheese and oil.
  5. Roundup and biocides as health deprivers Herbicides, insecticides and pesticides are biocides. Biocides are substances intended for killing. The unintended but logical consequences do not lie. We ingest a cocktail of lethal substances, by touching such foodstuffs, consuming it, but also by eating the meat of the animals that take in biocides by means of their diet, such as Roundup from Monsanto (Bayer) and products from Dow Chemical. on our fruit and vegetables, but much more from the meat and milk of animals that have accumulated in their bodies during their short lifetimes. The glyphosate (for example in Roundup) remains in the grains, beans, nuts, vegetables and fruits that we and animals eat. In our intestines is roundup or glyphosate is detrimental to our intestinal flora and consequently for our resistance and health. For example, in 2013, glyphosate was considered responsible for the deaths of thousands of agricultural workers who died of chronic renal failure. Europe is still under pressure from Bayer and Dow Chemical. Liver failure, infertility, allergies and birth defects. Better: Away with biocides, Viva organic farming! Agriculture as it used to be.
  6. Inflammation inhibitors and analgesics All drugs to stop inflammation and to relieve pain are detrimental to our digestion. They are harmful to the mucus layer of the small and large intestine. Because they damage the mucous layer of our intestines, unwanted substances such as lectins and less desirable bacteria, viruses, proteins and other undesireables are able to do damage via our bloodstream and lymphatic system. Don’t use them. They do more harm than good. Better: anti-inflammatory herbs and healthy foods.