Extra virgin coconut oil as a healthy suntan lotion or for bodycare: a natural sunblock

Coconut oil protects against the sunCoconut oil as a body care and hair care. For dry and sensitive skin. Say no to dry hair with this natural hair mask and get healthy and shiny hair. You can also use the coconut oil on your bread as a spread instead of butter or margarine or to cook or fry. Also useful as natural body care, as a hair mask for dry hair or as a natural lip balm.

The uses of extra virgin coconut oil as a natural suntan lotion

UVA rays do not cause sunburn, but in high concentrations they can cause damage to the deep layers of the skin. UVA rays are responsible for wrinkling and can cause cancer. UVB rays are needed for the production of vitamin D. UVB rays provide a tanned skin, but can also cause sunburn. Commercial sunscreens protect against UVB, but usually contain toxic, carcinogenic substances.

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Natural sunblock is important

Protecting yourself from the sun by wearing clothing, staying under an umbrella or in the shade is the best option, and it is unwise to suntan all day long without protection. Depending on your skin type and the sun’s strength, it is best to avoid the sun between 11.00 and 15.00, which is when it is at its strongest. Of course it’s impossible to avoid all exposure to the sun, and in any event, we need its rays.

The sun is crucial for our vitamin D production

Did you know that 70 percent of Europeans suffer from a vitamin D deficiency? Exposure to sunlight ensures that vitamin D is produced, which means that it is crucial that you regularly go outdoors into the sunlight. And the best method is to go out unprotected (or with natural protection), as commercial suntan lotions block those necessary UV rays. And the consequences of that are a vitamine D shortage.

Why you should use coconut oil as a natural suntan lotion?

In 2010 scientists concluded that both coconut oil and olive oil provide an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of between 4 and 8. All you have to do is re-apply the oil regularly. The major benefits of coconut oil as a suntan lotion are:

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  •    Completely natural
  •    BPA-free
  •    No parabens
  •    No nanoparticles
  •    Spreads perfectly
  •    Prevents dry skin
  •    Nourishes your skin
  •    Does not block your pores

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