tap water that comes out of our tap nowadays has nothing to do with living mountain water that gives energy.

Viktor Schauberger states: “Sunlit water becomes lazy. But like at night and especially at full moon, the water becomes fresh and lively.”

What comes out of our taps nowadays, tap water, has nothing to do with living water that gives energy. Viewed as a chemical substance, tap water is ok. But tap water completely ignores the vitality and energetic value of living water. Glacier water that is transported by sea containers is also not a natural mineral water. It has undergone strange treatments and cannot compete with mountain water.

water flows from tap with dirty substances that are harmful to us

Tap water companies only test for about 60 substances, but there are 60,000 chemical substances that pollute our tap water. Many substances that are difficult to clean from tap water. The many kinds of pesticides, hormones, drug residues are found in it. Mains water has also followed kms of pipes that are not kosher in and of themselves. With chemical compounds and numerous leaks. It has been subjected to all kinds of chemical cleaning processes and or received UV radiation. Keeping pipes germ-free by, for example, chlorine. Bad for our health. As a result, tap water has lost its energetic value. Tap water is “industrial” water. Neither ecological nor healthy.

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“Water is a living entity. Water can be sick and water can be healthy. Water can be dead or alive. Treat water like a living body. Water has to breathe, move and take in nutrition (minerals). ”

Thus Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forest manager, philosopher and naturalist.