Raw water = living water

The role of water for body and mind

Water is very important as a liquid in our body cells. An adult can go weeks without food, but only days without water. And with a shortage of water, body reactions already occur after just a few hours.

A healthy body is a body that drinks a lot of water.

Why drinking mountain water, give you eternal youth?

Water absorbs a lot of heat even before it gets hot. Hence, water regulates our constant body temperature. Because water absorbs and releases heat slowly, it regulates the rate at which the temperature of the air in our environment changes.

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Water is a universal solvent. Because water dissolves more substances than any other liquid. That means that water carries substances. This applies in our body, in our skin, but also in trees, plants and rivers. A healthy body is a body where a lot of water is drunk. Nutrients get into every cell of the body through water. Waste products, heavy metals and chemicals are thus removed by the water in our body. Good water gives life. Drinking good water is the message for eternal youth.

a healthy body needs water

A sick body and a healthy body need water. Mountain water gives our body energy without calories.

Many people take water for granted. We just have to go without water for a day and we start to realize how important water is for our body and mind. All bodily processes are driven by water. Water even gives our body energy without calories.

A person weighing 70 kg needs about 2.75 liters of water at an ambient temperature of 20 ° C. In the West, this is 0.75 liters obtained from food and 1,650 liters of water in the form of drink. 1.7 liters are excreted daily through the urine, 0.5 liters through perspiration, 0.4 liters through exhalation and 0.15 liters through the stool.

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“The highest good is like water, which nourishes all things without effort.” Lao Tzu

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958). Water is alive.

Living water is his discovery. Raw water.

Perhaps Viktor Schauberger is the first major water expert. He is a strong advocate of pure mountain water. With his powers of observation he knew better than anyone that everything is connected. As a forester, naturalist and inventor, Viktor Schauberger knew that animals, plants, stones, water and earth are connected.

“Anyone who wants to trace the phenomena I have discovered will have to measure them in nature. Even then he will miss the essence, because the subtle influences of nature can only be perceived with the feeling. They cannot be calculated because they are constantly transforming. I am aware that this is difficult for intellectually minded people to accept, but if the hydraulic engineers insist that water is an inanimate substance defined by scientific formulas, then even if they are sick have them bring a mathematician instead of a doctor. . “

mountain water is healthy living water

What is healthy living water? What is Raw Water? Self-springing and untreated mountain water is the answer

Good water has undergone a full cycle. Evaporation from forests and oceans due to the warming of the sun. Clouds are formed. Rain falls from these clouds. This rain trickles down into the cool earth. Deeper and deeper and takes minerals with it. Due to the presence of charged minerals (electrolytes), the cooling and the spiral movement of water, magnetic tension is created. Due to the negatively charged voltage, the water wants to return to the top. To discharge with the positively charged atmosphere. The mountain water finds its way up. Ripe water then comes from the source. Raw water. Living water. This mountain water contains a range of minerals and has a high bio-magnetic tension or in other words strength or vitality. You use this energetic power of ripe mountain water when plants, animals and people drink from it. The water is thus a carrier of energy.

According to Viktor Schauberger: “good healthy water is water as it flows from springs high in the mountains.”

cat drinks water from a source very healthy