A great healthy tan with red palm oil

Rode palmolie met caroteen en vitamine E om gezond te zonnen zonder pigmentvlekkenA faster, equal tan, with better protection for your skin, less  pigmentation and  freckles and moreover your  tan will  last  longer.
This  is due  to  the abundant source of carotenes and  tocotrienols,  the powerful  type of natural vitamin E, which provides the skin (the body, the brain and the eyes) with many  antioxidants. These promote tanning and combat ageing.

So  pamper yourself with 1 to 2 tablespoons of red palm oil per day during  the  summer months. Applying  red palm oil on  your skin, eventually in combination with some coconut oil  and essential oil of limes, lemons and oranges is extremely  effective and refreshing. This oil also fosters skin repair due  to excessive sun exposure.

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