Benefits that have been extensively scientifically substantiated in numerous studies!

  1. Acetic acid has powerful antimicrobial properties.
    Against bacteria as well as against viruses. For example, acetic acid works effectively against E. coli intestinal bacteria (Escherichia coli) like several strains of salmonella. Acetic acid can penetrate the cell wall of bacteria and kill them. This also showed that acetic acid has antiviral properties. For example, midwives in both Africa and South America use vinegar to protect mothers-to-be from the papillomavirus (HPV). Vinegar, due to its potent antimicrobial properties, is also effective in helping to heal wounds.
  2. Acetic acid helps against excessive blood sugar levels.
    It reduces insulin resistance. Acetic acid has antiglycemic properties. In other words: vinegar is able to lower glucose levels in the blood. Several scientific tests have been carried out. Significantly reduced blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and pre-diabetes. Improves blood sugar levels along with the insulin response. Decreases of 30 to 50% have been measured. A lot of research was done by doctor and dietician Carol Johnston. She is Professor and Deputy Director of the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion in Arizona. Lower insulin production due to acetic acid also means less hunger.
  3. Acetic acid bonds help protect against high blood pressure.
    Acetic acid relaxes the arteries and other blood vessels and makes them less narrow. Studies show that renin and plasma aldosterone levels are lowered when apple cider vinegar is used. Both values are linked to constricted blood vessels.
  4. Acetic acid as a prebiotic.
    Acetic acid and the other organic acids help to improve intestinal flora and create a healthier gastric environment. The effect of these acids is comparable to that of prebiotics. Nutrition for our intestinal flora.
  5. Raw apple cider vinegar also improves the uptake of nutrients.
    Acetic acid works in the same way as enzymes. Acetic acid easily breaks down nutrients and these are more effectively absorbed and processed by the body. Certainly people with very little gastric acid (HCI), (which is often the case in the elderly), benefit from it.
  6. Healing for the skin.
    It is a potent astringent for the removal of dead skin cells. It balances out the Ph values of the skin. Helps to keep the skin’s so-called protective acid mantle intact. Cleanses skin pores perfectly. Helps prevent and heal skin inflammations.
  7. Acetic acid has an antihistamine effect.
    Is helpful for people suffering from allergens or asthma.