Use non-filtered, non-pasteurised organic apple cider vinegar that contains the ‘mother’. That way you enjoy more flavour and add plenty of health benefits too.

  1. Apple cider vinegar as a morning drink:
    Vinegar is always mixed with a large amount of water (or other liquid). Never pure. Pure vinegar can cause a burning sensation in your mouth and throat. The solution is to drink more water. Adding 1 tablespoon to a 250 ml glass of water is perfectly safe. And you can do this between 1 and 3 times a day. Preferably at least 20 minutes before a meal. The acids need to be able to do their job, and this is more difficult if they are mixed too quickly with food. Generally speaking, 2 to 3 tablespoons per 250 ml glass is perfect once you have gotten used to it.
  2. Wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar in smoothies and in dishes:
    Wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar can of course also be used in smoothies, vegetables and fruit juices. But also perfect for giving dishes a delicious, slightly sour note.
  3. Vinegar as a vinaigrette:
    Vinaigrette is the classic amongst dressings for (green) salads. The most well-known use for vinaigrette is mixed through plain green lettuce. But this dressing is really versatile. For example, dip your artichoke leaves in this vinaigrette, or drizzle roasted vegetables with it after taking them out of the oven. For the French, a salad is only complete when accompanied by a vinaigrette. This is often a mixture of vegetable oil or vinegar, mustard and olive oil. But we also recommend beetroot, wild garlic or basil.
  4. As a vinegar shot:
    Apple cider vinegar is also ideal as a shot to start the morning with. Mix the shot with water. You can add raw honey or Gula Java coconut blossom sugar, also with finely ground herbs if desired. Your intestines and your energy system will thank you.
  5. Skin care with apple cider vinegar:
    You can make a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar for your skin. For example, one half water and one half apple cider vinegar. Ideal for treating acne and other skin irritations
  6. Apple cider vinegar is perfect for use in the bath:
    Heat 1 litre of apple cider vinegar or ½ litre of wine vinegar and add it just before you take a bath. You could also make the bath water as hot as you can tolerate and then pour in unheated apple cider vinegar. The apple cider- or wine vinegar disinfects both the skin and the nose.
  7. Steam treatment with vinegar:
    Apple cider vinegar is perfect for steaming. Heat the apple vinegar with water and put it in a large bowl. Then immediately cover your head with a towel above the bowl and steam for a few minutes. Soothing for the face and a treat for the body. Useful in cases of colds, flu-like conditions or when you think you are infected with an unwanted virus or bacteria. Can be used preventively, but also helps to treat infections caused by viruses or bacteria.
  8. Nasal rinse with salt and apple cider vinegar:
    Salt-apple cider vinegar-water solution for cleansing nasal passages. Success guaranteed in cases of inflamed sinuses, blocked nose, colds and flu. 1 teaspoon vinegar, 1 teaspoon healthy salt (e.g. fleur de sel or bamboo salt mix with 1 bag containing 250ml of water. Spray into the nose or inhale it while holding it in your hand. Mucus and nasal waste are removed.