If you are suffering from exhaustion and tension, and if you struggle to unwind, then adaptogens could be the helping hand you need.

Adaptogens / Medicinal plants from the Botanico herb mix from Amanprana

Adaptogens are medicinal plants and herbs.

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What are adaptogens? Are you exhibiting symptoms of burnout, depression or fibromyalgia?

Adaptogens are selected herbs and plants that are known to traditional Chinese and Cherokee medicine as well as in Ayurveda and Western herbal medicine and that have been scientifically demonstrated to lower stress levels and improve our survival rates.

Many of these plants and herbs grow under very stressful conditions, such as at high altitudes, in exceptionally hot or cold climates or in very poor soil. This has meant that adaptogens have been forced to evolve in order to survive the conditions, and they started to produce substances that would protect them – the same substances that can help us humans to continuously adapt.

What do adaptogens do? A life free of stress, fatigue, burnout, depression and fibromyalgia

Adaptogens are herbs and other plants with a long history of proven effectivity and safety that can improve brain power as well as our resistance levels and stimuli. They bolster the person, not the disease, and adaptogens reinforce or raise our ability to adapt, keeping us in balance.

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Put simply, adaptogens are nontoxic, produce a non-specific barrier to feelings of stress and normalise your body and mind alike. They gift your mind and body with adaptive energy, which means they raise your ability to adapt. Many adaptogens are also boosters for your heart, liver and kidneys, work as antioxidants that combat aging, prevent inflammation and are a boon to cancer prevention.

adaptogens are medicinal herbs and plants that occur in the Botanico mixes of Amanprana

Adaptogens are nontoxic, produce a non-specific barrier to feelings of stress and normalise your body and mind alike.

Russia and its elite forces were already using adaptogens by 1940. They were modern science’s pioneers for adaptogens.

The Soviet Academy of Science was established in 1940, and it developed performance-enhancing products for the nation’s elite troops, athletes, chess masters and eminent politicians.

Nicolai V. Lazarev, a scientist, medical doctor, pharmacologist and head of the Academy, was the first person to posit in 1947 that adaptogens contained ingredients that would render our bodies resistant to stress. His team of 1,200 biologists, scientists and doctors conducted 3,000 clinical tests involving adaptogens, investigating 4,000 plants and identifying 12 adaptogenic herbs. They ultimately published over 1,500 pharmaceutical and clinical studies dealing with adaptogens. Finally, in 2002, the US National Library of Medicine stated that adaptogens were preparations that assisted the immune system and had antifatigue properties.

What are the benefits of adaptogens for your mind and body? They will fight depression, anxiety, fatigue, burnout and fibromyalgia.

Adaptogens can be of significant benefit for people who are constantly worried, are often overworked, struggle to sleep and who live unhealthy lifestyles.

Adaptogens do not give you a temporary energy boost, like coffee, but instead slowly release their healing properties. Long-term use is highly recommended for more clear-headed thinking and improved physical performance.

Adaptogenic herbs help to normalise both overactivity and underactivity, bolster your heart and liver and help to prevent inflammation. Overall, adaptogens raise low energy levels and reduce that energy that is in overdrive.

Adaptogens restore homeostasis (the mind/body balance) through the effect that adaptogens have on our bodies. The result is no or reduced exhaustion as a result of stress, depression, anxiety or burnout.

There is also an additional aphrodisiacal benefit: many adaptogens can stimulate the libido, improve the physical condition of our erogenous zones and raise fertility levels for both men and women.


Or if you are looking to protect yourself from emissions from hospital scans and mobile phone and other transmission masts, adaptogens can help

Adaptogens also protect us from harmful radioactive and other rays, forming both a shield and a sponge. Ionising rays, x-ray sources, hospital scans, mobile phones, UV light, infrared, microwaves, radio waves – radiation is all around us. Adaptogens can protect us and are essential when being treated for cancer using radiation therapy (and chemotherapy).