Want to look younger? Anti-aging? What impact does vitamin D have? Protect your keratin and collagen? Anti-aging serum gives you a non-surgical mini-facelift.

healthy food on cutting board for eternal youth
Healthy food with fruit, lots of vegetables and complete proteins for eternal youth.

A healthy diet means eternal youth

‘You should care for your mind and body through a healthy diet, physical exercise, a good lifestyle and bodycare products,’ says Prof. J. Blake of Boston University. ‘And, just like we do with our car or home, we must perform regular maintenance on our bodies.’

You probably already know what lies at the foundation of a healthy diet – enough fruit and vegetables, sufficient protein (such as seitan), wholegrains, legumes, seeds, herbs, nuts, healthy fats (such as vegetable-sourced omega fatty acids, extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil), natural mineral water and healthy salt (such as Khoisan salt or bamboo salt), seaweed and all the rest. All of these ingredients will ensure you look good.

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Natural mineral water in bottles for a beautiful appearance or can tap water also?

Drinking enough bottled natural mineral water not only prevents your skin from dehydrating, it also ensures that you can think clearly, are full of vitality and that you can resist the heat.

1 small and 1 large glass bottle with natural mineral water
Natural mineral water from glass bottles is the best choice for your body and skin.

The same cannot be said for tap water. Tap water is promoted as a great source of water because its much cheaper and just as good. Yes, it may be cheaper by the litre, but you should be aware that it contains little that is good for you. Tap water is highly industrially-processed polluted water. It is chemically filtered and poorly checked for just 60 chemical substances of the 60,000 that are found in polluted water. After that your tap water is sent on a long journey through many kilometres of pipes of varying quality. Pipes made of asbestos cement, lead and plastic – all of which are detrimental to our health. And these pipes and joints are also glued together, while chemicals are added to hold the microbially purified water. None of these factors are good for either your overall health or your kidneys. That is why you should always drink mountain spring water that has been bottled, where the deposit and bottle-returns place the focus clearly on the environment.

If you want your skin to look younger, choose the right anti-aging serum for you

Anti-aging serum for your face, neck and cleavage. An anti-wrinkle treatment that firms, revitalises and uplifts your skin. Antioxidation is the same thing as combatting aging.

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Some essential oils have an extraordinary effect when it comes to fighting aging, and the following oils are particularly good for looking younger: myrtle, basil, rose, sage, rosemary, Sichuan pepper, thyme, clove, oregano, turmeric and cinnamon. The antioxidative power is much stronger than any vitamin or other product. When included in a serum, just a few drops of the essential oils are required. Antioxidant serums containing these essential oils also prevent pigment spots and can even reduce existing pigment spots.

Face whose skin is protected by natural anti-aging
Natural anti-aging care products support the production of collagen and keratin.

Protect your skin’s collagen and keratin using an anti-aging serum that contains essential oils.

A healthy diet, healthy beverages and anti-aging products help your body to generate collagen and keratin and, even more important, they protect the structural elements of your collagen and keratin.

The essential oils contained in unique bodycare products are excellent at protecting your collagen and keratin. They ensure that your skin remains supple and that your laugh lines don’t become wrinkles. These unique bodycare products stop your smooth skin from developing lines. Collagen and keratin are proteins that your body creates and they are crucial for having glowing skin. When your collagen or keratin oxidises at an accelerated rate as a result of exposure to the sun, dehydration, pollution and age, your skin becomes less supple and loses its elasticity. The result is that you get a leathery look and your skin will become thinner over the years.

Girl in the sun for vitamin D
Without sun no healthy skin and no healthy me.

Expose your face to the sunbeams your skin deserves. Good for your collagen and keratin.

Today we are often led to believe by the media that the sun is always damaging to our skin. But if it is not exposed to the sun, our skin does not come alive. And while you mustn’t let your skin burn, exposing your face and body to sunbeams is an absolute must. The sun revives your skin, and your face needs it to generate and retain its structural skin elements, such as collagen and ketamine, as well as vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential to your bones, your (sex) hormones and for having glowing skin. Lack of sun means unhealthy skin and an unhealthy me. In simple terms, pale and translucent skin is unhealthy skin. Make sure that your face can absorb the sun’s rays without having to pierce through creams, so be sparing or rule out any skincare products that protect against the sun. Facial care products that contain high-quality oils are nourishing and protective, and your face and eye contours will thank you for it.

Aging and your skin, always use water-free skincare products

Stop accelerated aging today. An unhealthy diet, smoking, the usual chemical cosmetics, air pollution and stress all take their toll on our skin. Senile warts, neck fibromas, sunspots, liver spots, wrinkles, reduced elasticity (loose skin), skin cancer and all those other issues. You have been warned…

Be kind to your skin with no-nonsense skincare products. Make sure they don’t contain water. These products can be very cheap, which makes sense, given how cheap tap water is. The cheapest and even the most expensive skincare products are 80% to 97% tap water. But beyond cleaning, water does nothing whatsoever for your skin. In fact, water will dry your skin, which in turn will age it.

This is something that every woman whose hands are often in contact with water and every swimmer understands. Drinking water is the key to great-looking skin. But when your skincare products contain water, that can keep your skin from glowing. When you place water on your skin you are not hydrating it, you are dehydrating it. Let there be no doubt about this.

A non-surgical mini-facelift? Does lifting stop you looking older? Plastic surgery? ‘I’ll think about it’.

‘I don’t want to look old,’ is something many women say. ‘Men are charming when they age,’ those same women will claim.

Many women start to question how they look when they hit 50.

‘Be glad with the experiences you’ve already had and learn to laugh with life. Your laugh lines will laugh along!’ says Stephanie Rochette, a personal image coach in the Netherlands.

A beautiful woman is a person who accepts herself and who radiates self-confidence. You may think that a facelift could help, but facial surgery also means there is a risk of ending up stuck in a vicious circle. If you’re lucky, a facelift will make you look younger and may make you feel better about yourself for a short while, but you’ll soon see that your face and the rest of your body are out of harmony – your body, which now looks older than your face.

Choose chemical-free facial care products. Do the Rita Stiens test for safe cosmetics

Many expensive and cheap skincare products are bulked up using chemical products. Frequently, the active products make up less than 5% of the serum of the facial care product. But when it comes to active ingredients, what they don’t contain is just as important what they do contain. Avoid parabens (which have been proven to be carcinogenic), alcohol (which dehydrates and can cause irritation), Steareth-2, Steareth-21, propylene glycol dicaprate, fragrances (perfumes), EDTA, BHT, any PEGs and all the rest.

Rita Stiens
Rita Stiens

Do the Rita Stiens test to check that your cosmetics are safe. Rita Stiens is a journalist and while working she was shocked to discover how many expensive cosmetics were 95% junk that you would rather not put on your skin. She created a website for safe cosmetics in French and English, where you can use the ingredients list (the INCI list) to check how kosher your bodycare products are. French: laveritesurlescosmetiques.com French or English: thetruthaboutcosmetics.com